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I have version 4 for  the past tow years.

I have insert every year username and password that I have parched .

I have a "green eye" and everything is up to date.

Is there duty to update to a new version? 

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Hello einavdi

I understand your question, as if you ask ,if there is any reason for upgrading your Eset product to the newest version. If I have understood it correctly, then is the short answer to your question, "yes". There has been a substantial development of the product to better adapt the threat scenario of today, and of malware and threats from activity on social media platforms, as Facebook and twitter. From this link you can see what Eset has improved and added to it newest release, version 7, ESET Technology.And if you ask, if you can choose between Eset's different versions 4-5-6-7, when you hold a valid license, then is the answer, yes, you can choose to download any version, anytime.


Regards Janus :-))    (Happy new year when the time comes)

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