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  1. Hello, I am a French customer Eset and I am very satifaite of my product. On the other hand, I am very disappointed by this forum. Why? Because it here is several months which I try to reset my password of my initial account on this forum (user name: Sicilia42) unsuccessfully. In every attempts I nevertheless followed the procedure but I have never received from email allowing me to end the procedure to reset my password. I specify that I connected today, with my account to tweet to be able to post this message. Furthermore, know that I also tried to contact you by email on four occasions there also no answer from you. For me it is clear that you attached not much importance for the customers ESET who nevertheless pay their license. I hope that on the occasion of my last message on this forum, a person in charge can bring me an answer. Best Regards GardienESET (Sicilia42)
  2. my account are password protected but still isee this damn error if anyone have a solution for this problem please send it to my Email
  3. Hello, i'm already installed ESET SysRescue into USB. and everything is fine but i'm just wondering do i have to purchase a license/username and password ? if so, can i use the same license that i purchased for ESET smart security 9 ?
  4. The Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT) published a research paper where they explain many different vulnerabilities they found in mobile security/antivirus software. They found vulnerabilities in products from Kaspersky, ESET, Avira, McAfee and Clean Master Security. Most vulnerabilities are already fixed in the latest version of the products. So of course we focus on ESET here... So they found two vulnerabilities: failed SSL/TLS verification and a broken encryption. Looking at the details in the PDF is interesting. They overwrote the Androids default SSL verification, which many anyone can easily intercept SSL secured traffic: This is a widespread issue on Android app developers, but I thought at least ESET would get it right... And then we have the license username/passwords. Basically this is more or less and old issue and we had (and AFAIK still have) it in desktop products of ESET too. To summarize the linked topic: The username/password were send in plain-text only BASE64 encoded (Base64 is easily reversible and provides no security). So in EMS they changed this a bit: At first they seem to use SSL/TLS now. But as said before, it was implemented incorrectly and therefore did not provide any protection. But they implemented an "encryption" for the username/passwords. So what does the Fraunhofer Institute SIT say about this encryption? So about the last sentence one fact has to be added: ESETs licenses passwords and usernames are generated automatically and users cannot use a longer password even if they would like to do so. But generally this "encryption" is useless anyway, because So IMHO the SSL/TLS flaw is much more serious than the second encryption flaw as username/passwords of ESET licenses can "only" be used to hijack this license and e.g. register additional devices using the license of the victim. However the TLS issue is really a basic flaw and I strongly suppose it also affects the username/passwords of ESET Anti-Theft e.g. when you connected your Android device with it. Also when anti-theft is triggered users photos, location and more things are uploaded - using an SSL/TLS connection. If that's not secured it can easily be intercepted. So there are still some open questions: Are these vulnerabilities already fixed in EMS? If so what is the latest (VSD or product) version affected by this issues? When the SSL/TLS verification is properly done, I highly suggest another thing: You should really implement key pinning to protect the SSL/TLS connection. Is this "encryption"-approach of ESET license username/passwords also done in other ESET products? If so is it already fixed/replaced by a proper SSL/TLS connection there? BTW: It is also interesting to read through the whole PDF and look at the flaws of other security products. There are SSL/TLS flaws, XSS scripting and remote code execution vulnerabilities.
  5. hi there i am new here i have a problem with my nod32 smart security 7 my activation is activated(i posted the picture of help and suport part of my eset) but when i want update my eset i have invalid user name and password error(i have sent a picture of it) i have tries all solution on net 1.clear user name and re enter the correct user name 2.set setting on default and revert all setting and clear update cache and set on use no proxy and restart but no useful anymore please help me thank u so much
  6. eset smart security to activate the anti-theft feature my.eset.com address and asked me to create a bogus account with me as I created. I set it at stolen to try the anti-theft feature. the computer was restarted and the fake account was activated my problem ıs I can not enter the main account. my eset.com mistake I delete my account. I recreate the some account,but the anti theft feature active . but my computer starts with fake account login. what should I doin order to start a conversation with the master account ? Please help urgent !!!!!!
  7. Hallo, I have three single NOD32 Antivirus licenses, I have 3 emails with activation-infos (same mail address) And I have lost my notice, which license is on which computer. Who can I see, where is what?
  8. Windows 7, I downloaded and manually installed eav_nt64_eng yesterday. When I submit my key the reply is "Activation was successful" but, it won't accept my password to configure the settings. When I go back to the home page I get a request to activate the product. I have restarted my computer several times without success. What steps do I need to take to resolve this problem? Error messages; Virus scanner initialization failed. and Product not activated. My license expires 1/29/17. I uninstalled the prvious version 8.* before installing ver 9.*. I verified my license information by requesting it from ESET.
  9. I activated ESET, but when I got windows 10 I had to re-download everything including ESET. When I downloaded it again, I tried to activate it with my username and password, but I tried everything, and I can't remember my password &/or username. I went to License Management Support, and entered my email, I got and email giving me a new username and password, but it expires. Is there anyway for me to retrieve my username and password, and not get an expiration date?
  10. My brother resides in Japan, and he bought ESET Multi-Device Security Home Office Edition (Download version) last week, on the 8th September, 2015. This Product is meant for me, as I requested him to buy it for me. He received an email to confirm the order, and also received a second email which suppose to include the link to download the product, with the license information. Surprisingly, the email came without the license information. Therefore, I sent a support ticket on the 11th September, 2015 with the information he used to purchase the product, and he received an automated email same day saying "Thank you for contacting ESET Customer Care. Your request has been received. We will review your case and respond within 1 business day. Case #1349507 - "Purchase/Renewal/Refund" has been created for you." Now, it's been close to 3 business days and he hasn't received any response yet. I am alarmed right now, because of similar experiences I just read on this forum. Please, I need help to get this Case reviewed and resolved as soon as possible. My brother is very busy to follow this Case. That's why I'm doing this, and moreover it's my product. Below is the copy of the email my brother received and forwarded to me, if that will help. Thanks.
  11. my 5 year old messed with my pc as most children do and because of the software where it would take a picture and ad a location in case my laptop was stolen it locked my accnt out... i went onto the eset website and told the site it wasnt stolen and it still didnt unlock it... my wife uninstalled it off the site and the phontom side of the pc while i wasnt here and now i can only go into the phontom acnt and it wont accept my loggin even if i go in through the phantom as the correct user while using the correct password..... in a nutshell this program has turned my new dell into garbage... i cant get there support team to call me back either.... because im locked out as an admin even though i am using the correct pass it wont let me recover the pc as well... could someone walk me through fixing this please
  12. Has anyone had the following occur to them at all? Both of my Nexus devices,a Nexus 4 and Nexus 7, protected by EMS had licence verification issues. The licence information was either lost/corrupt/deleted and EMS stated the licence period had expired. The licence verification check would loop for a minute, abruptly stop, declare there was an error with the server or my internet connection and restart the entire licence verification process. Approximately an hour later both devices ended up having 'trial' versions activiated instead of their full licences. One licence I bought directly from Google Play during the #SafeChristmas campaign and the other licence was bought through Eset Australia. At a minimum both devices had 8 months left on their licence period. Only one Google e-mail account is set on each device (no multiple accounts per device) and prior to last night I never had a single issue. I contacted the helpdesk (#TICKET 142432) and a friendly customer care representative, Peter Sinal, went through the steps of verifying one Gmail account was set as the primary account, that my Google Play account e-mail matched the primary account and that my devices were set correctly. I sent the helpdesk a few follow up e-mails after following their instructions to the letter without success. I deleted, rebooted the devices and reinstalled fresh copies of EMS several times without success. After two hours of frustration, the issue magically resolved itself. I never found out what caused the issue as Peter dropped of the e-mail radar which is a shame. EDIT: my partner informed me the same thing happened to her - a fresh install of EMS and the problem disappeared. Cheers.
  13. Hi, I have a number of 19 ESET Nod 32 Antivirus licenses to activate/renew on 19 workstations. Because i have command line access on all the 19 workstations, i would preffer to activate them using command line rather than normal way. Now the question: is in possible to activate ESET Nod 32 Antivirus from command line? Thank you!
  14. I have a small question about the licensing. As we know there is unilicense which allows users to use up to 3 ESET products on the same machine (in a multiboot environment e.g.). And there is a multi device security pack, which allows to use (usually) 3 or 5 devices with the same license. So my simple question is: Can you use it together, so can you use e.g. a 5-devices license in 6 places, where one device is a multiboot device, which uses two OSes and two ESET products?
  15. when I want to update my virus signature database, error code 365 appears and says that my username and password are invalid. previously, I recieved my username and password in my inbox and entered it in eset and I could update virus signature database before, but now this error appears and I can't open the Username and Password setup window by Ctrl + U. what can I do?
  16. Good afternoon, I mistakenly bought the key to extend the program ESET NOD32 Antivirus . 1. Is it possible to change this key to activate the new antivirus ESET NOD32 Antivirus?
  17. After upgrading to the new version (v 3.0.1173.0) EMS tells me my license would be expired, when I'm tapping on "license" in the menu. After this the premium features were deactivated. See this screenshot: In fact I'm using a not-expired multi-device-license. I can reactivate my license by entering the license data again, but every time I tap on "license" it will check my license and tell me it would be expired.
  18. Can anyone here help me to reset my password for my online Eset account login. I can suppy the product/license keys but apparrantly the hacker changed the PW reset and PW reset won't work. Also couln't reach anyone by phone, chat, or email over the weekend apparently even though I tried all day on Friday. I can provide product IDs and Keys for Enod and Security software. On the phone to any department including support, a recording said offices were closed and offices hours were open till 6PM PST on Fridays. The time I got this recording was 3:00 PM PST on Friday. Chat didn't work, Email was no help. It's now Sunday and still havent been able to reach anyone. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  19. I had to refresh my computer and re-install my Eset unfortunately my old email account got blocked and I can't recover my username and password I had written down my username and password on a paper when I first installed Eset (april 2014) , but it isn't working Is any solution for this problem aside contacting the eset office in san diego by phone (I live in brasil, its complicated to call them from here)
  20. hi i bought a eset smart security few monthes ago its valid untile 2015 but one monthe ago i got this error " invalid username and password" i send 6 mail to the eset from its web sites suport section but after more than one month i didnt recive any suport .why eset didnt answer ? i dont now what i must do . i never buy a eset product again . befor i sent my mail to eset i did the instruction in this link but it didnt effective hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN2879#clearcache now wht you recomend ? buying another internet security ? claiming against eset to athurities ? i dont know best regards
  21. This problem occurs on two fresh installs of Xubuntu 14.04 and two installs of Ubuntu 14.04 (one fresh and one upgrade from 13.10) installation file used "eset_nod32av_64bit_en.linux" Version: Run file, asks for "Run as Root" password. Enter password and click ok. Error message "su: Authentication failure" Run file with sudo command in terminal and installer starts normally. install with defaults and enable detection of potentially unwanted programs. Restart pc. Activate with username or Password only will return invalid username/password using a valid username password, trying to activate a trial version after entering information does not appear to do anything.
  22. This affects especially a multi device license. I would like to know how I can delete a ESET licence on a device, so I can transfer it to another device. It's also not good that I can see nowhere how many ESET licenses I'm currently using. And because of this two difficult things I would suggest that you - ESET - create something like a "online license management" where you could do this all. I mean you should be able to... view all licenses that are currently in use delete licenses for specific devices so you can use it on another device see how many licenses you have left see what type of devices or what type of ESET product uses the licenses You could link this with "myESET" or maybe not and/or you could make it in such a way that you have to login with your licence data (username and password) online for accessing these features. Only by the way: If this will be implemented then it has a correlation to the topic "AV updates use non-encrypted username / password", because of this two things: If the username/password isn't encrypted and someone steals it he can login online and delete all your licenses for the devices. If someone has stolen your licence and uses it on another device you can see this online and simply can delete this licence on this device.
  23. hie helpers and developers i work at a cafe. I monitor the cafe on behalf of my manager. the cafe started since way back and we have been in trouble because people downloaded files and programs which were infected and crashed our computers .the computers for users are desktops and we have 43. After a while me and my manaer bought ESET ENDPOINT SECURITY and bought a license for fifty computers. We also setup the mirror server with default settings such as port 2221 for providing updating through http and many clever people would hack using wifi to update their eset endpoint products. We tried to change the port but this made other desktops fail to connect. we allowed the new port 3 through eset firewall on all computers because we disabled windows firewall and we have no other firewall installed except eset. Now i turned on ntml authentication on eset mirror server so what would be the usernames and passwords for clients since the documentation of eset is complicated and i dont understand. please i want to know how to create eset usernames and passwords for clients. my manager wants this to work because he is very strict when it comes to programs .please just help me how to configure credentials for clients to update from update server. we only use the http server method to update
  24. I installed NOD32 4 for linux desktop on ubuntu 12.04, so far so good. But when I try to update I get a "failure" message and it says that the password/username is invalid. I copy/pasted them from the email ESET sent me, restarted. Nothing. reinstalled the programme, reentered the password/username, again nothing. Cleaned the cache. Did all this several times, but still I'm not able to update. I've never had any problems with ESET on my other computer which has Windows, but cannot find a solution for this problem. I'm considering removing it all together and to install a free antivirus, after having been a ESET user for a long long time. Any suggestions?
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