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ESET background process communication problems

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After upgrading my computer to Mac OS High Sierra, I have downloaded, installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled ESET Cyber Security to be compatible and work with the upgraded operating system. But, ESET Cyber Security seems to work fine in the download, uninstall, and install process, but upon a fresh start up after the computer has been shut down, I keep getting the error message: "Your computer is not protected. There was a problem communicating with the ESET background process, please try again. If the problem persists, restart your computer."

I have no idea why it keeps doing this, and would appreciate some insight into the problem.


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Thanks Marcos, I will check that out. I also tried the same process yesterday, following the tutorial video on the website. Everything went smoothly...until I booted up my computer this morning and the error message reappeared!

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Have same problem with one German customer installation after running NOD32 smoothly over the last 2 years.
According to GUI there are no updates pending.

Will try to collect data today evening and perform a new installation.
Will report back

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