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  1. My Customer is also still waiting for a resolution for this ennoying problem still present under after more than three module updates Customer site has running about 15 clients, we had to modify email reporting down to 2 most critical clients which would like to watch continuosly, but this is not the solution to delete unnecessary messages everyday which certainly are duplicated to supervisors smartphones. And again: there are quite some reasons, why professional sites ( not 'home') prefer the basic 1:1 NOD32 protection. Cost efficieny, low managent effort, no separate supervision module, quick, fast .....
  2. Have same problem with one German customer installation after running NOD32 smoothly over the last 2 years. According to GUI there are no updates pending. Will try to collect data today evening and perform a new installation. Will report back
  3. was persistent for at least 15 mins. Now alarm is no longer there at least for heise.de No change in AV rev. still 15114
  4. Cannot believe https://www.heise.de to be infected ... by HTML/ScrInject.B Trojaner . At least this is the warning of NOD32 15114 online protection which then prohibits access to Germanys top famous IT and security site......... (both with FF and IE) As there is no other information available ( could be a dangerous ad at that site) I kindly ask for manual review, as I cannot believe this finding Looks as this already happenend before in February https://www.redirect301.de/eset-blockiert-webseite/
  5. I came there via eset.de and 'Partner' I believe https://portal.eset.de/is the subdomain in question
  6. Trying to reach German Eset partner site: Guess what: Certificate expired. NOD32 therefore blocks own site ;-) Expired Nov03,16 Time to fix it !
  7. Hello, everyone, any idea how we could be able to setup the following....... Charity installation of a OFFLINE print station at school. Kids bringing their USB-stick to print their presentations etc. To ensure basic security ( malware carried by incoming sticks does not infect other sticks coming in) we would need to set up an offline installation, which could be updated by procedure e.g. every 2 weeks via write protected 'update stick'. NOD32 license would be provided by sponsor.
  8. I also have this problem on a W10-64 machine. SSL protocol filtering enabled prohibits IMAP connection ( too many connections open) to all my Thunderbird established 5+ IMAP accounts. Switching off SSL protocol filtering cures ....... :-(
  9. @TeMorituriSalutamus :Thanks, your suggestion fixed it. I now tried with update to 9.0.375.1 on W10-64. Changing SSL setting afterwords. Reboot. All OK. Problem appears to be fixed both on W10-64 / W7-64
  10. I have German version with 'automatic', 'interactiv' and 'Police mode. Not sure what you meant. Anyway in interactive and policy mode I haven't seen error msg, but Thunderbird no longer connects to secured mailservers as set up.
  11. Process monitor log done. How long would you think would it take to create a sysinspector log on a fast I5 SSD-Only system ( 1Day events only)? (all other collection tasks were done within seconds) It hasn' finished even after 15 minutes so I cancelled further execution. However I can reproduce the problem. Immediately after re-enabling SSL-scanning the error message occurs. And my user name in firefox profile does not contain any spaces or special characters. Pls. advise how long I should wait..... I can re-do the exercise (basically) any time.
  12. Just to clarify: Wouldn't it be necessary to make sure process monitor starts up first after reboot? As import of cerificate fails, there will be no other 'retry' to monitor. The issue immediately occurs when user desktop gets ready. Could also be a timing issue as machine in question is 8MB, Fast I5 and SSD only. Will see whether datacollection is possible over the weekend.
  13. I had hoped the issue would be solved, but I am still getting an error message 'adding root cerificate to all known browsers failed' after every reboot. System: W10-64 ( Version 1511, fully updated) Firefox latest rev NOD32 9.0.349.15 Besides that there are no error messages or operational issues. Can someone clarify ?
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