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Migrating ERA to a new server

Attila Freire

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Hi, I want to migrate ERA to a new server and I have some questions regarding the license.

When I migrate the certificates and computers my license will be inside the certificate file or I will need to add the license again in the new server? If I have to add the license again in the new server, will I need to request to ESET to reset the license so I can use it again or all I need to do is simply activate using the same license?



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  • ESET Staff

You have not specified, which version of ERA you have. If ERA V5, simply import the license files into the new instance, if ERA V6, simply add the license to ESET Remote Administrator (either by license key / by security admin account). Also, you have not mentioned, whether you will keep the database, or start from scratch. If the first, licenses will be kept, if the second, licenses needs to be added. However, as Endpoints are activated and ERA is only a "messenger", there is no action related to client computers when you do a ERA server migration.

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I'm using ERA V6 and I don't intend in keeping the database.

Thanks for the clarification and I'm sorry for not posting the needed information, I didn't know that it was needed.


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