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eset firewall rules reset on their own?

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Yesterday will trying to create an inbound/outbound rule for a program I kept getting the message (this is not verbatim but close)" Unable to access rule database". I was however eventually able to add the rule.

Today ALL of the user added rules related to installed programs seem to be gone. There are only a handful of rules which I assume are default.


Anyway any idea why/how this could have happened? I ran a scan this morning and a few threats were found( all related to Tversity media server--which I uninstalled anyway because I don't use it).

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Sounds like you were or might be using a temporary profile.

Try inputting %userprofile% in the run dialogue or explorer address bar.

Im just guessing here without research.

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Question for ESET mods.

If you create a firewall rule does it save in the users profile directories or even under their SID key in the current users or users hive of the registry? Or in a program files directory etc ?

Thanks :)

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  • ESET Moderators



Firewall rules are being stored in %Programdata%\ESET\ESET Smart Security\


At first please ensure, that your computer is clean, run full system scan.

Reinstallation after that could help.

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Thank you Peter for your response and any research done.

So we know if your profile is bad, the correct rules will still be loaded every time, so the fact your rules did not, might indicate a greater issue at work here.

Although ESET may be having errors saving your rules, its more like a warning to you that your system is not operating at 100% here.

As Peter suggested i would try a full scan to make sure your not infected, and also check the permissions on the programdata folder to ensure Full Control for your account.

If nothing is found the answer to resolution may just be a reinstall of the software, and make sure your hard drive passes s.m.a.r.t. reporting.


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