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EFS Windows Server on RDS email protection?

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Recent builds of eset products (ver 6 upwards) have not allowed EAV on servers.
I run a number of remote desktop machines on windows, which of course have end user applications such as MS office (outlook).

Does ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server protect email, web and similar apps on RD servers?



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After a bit more investigation it appears that there are different options depending on the OS, see screen-shoots attached. 2008R2 does not have "web and email" option, but 2012R2 does.
BTW using EFS 6.5.12010.0



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  • ESET Staff


Web and email protection is not a part of Typical installation on Windows 2008, you can modify your installation and add it.

Just make sure you have this hotfix installed: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2664888

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