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  1. Hi, all ESET server products are designed to run fine with the default configuration. We don't have any additional configuration steps for domain controllers. The policy you mentioned is definitely not a best-practice for EFSW deployments. You would sacrifice some security features for performance - while it disables some less important protections (e.g. Web and email), it disables HIPS as well.
  2. Hi, it is recommended to uninstall Windows Defender before installing ESET server products. However, if Defender is present after EFSW installation, it will be automatically disabled just like it's described in this article
  3. Hi, If you are interested in collecting data on servers, maybe you could change the product to ESET File Security for Windows Server (EFSW) - our product intended for servers. EFSW supports WMI ( and ships with ESET Shell - command line interface (
  4. Just run installer (e.g. from control panel) and Hit modify:
  5. Hi, Web and email protection is not a part of Typical installation on Windows 2008, you can modify your installation and add it. Just make sure you have this hotfix installed: