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  1. Hello, I noticed, that a Exchange 2013 Server (I think with CU 22) has approx. 500-1000 Attacks in Dezember with ref to Botnet.CnC.Generic on Port 443
  2. Hello, with ref to eset mail security incoming rules understanding better which file extensions are dangerous based on the eset LOG (e.g. I also saw many *.img and *.iso with virus content) a) Question: Some ESET Mail Security for Exchange Version 6 and 7 has this Problem: if I go unter Log and Details the text is snipped / not full line, I need drive the mouse cursor over it to see the full style. Do you know how to solve? I didn´t updated to the latest version yet. b) I would like to find out which file extension´s were blocked. (I am using the incoming rules) Do you think I can do better / more "statistic, research" if I add more Actions into the RULE ? I only know that this can be inserted, but I think the information is always in the log, I don´t need this actions: Regel "%RuleName%" angewendet. Betreff: %Subject% Absender: %Sender% Empfänger:%Recipients%
  3. Hello, my collegue from sales doesn´t understand the "small differences" between the different licences. I mean he is selling 20 x Endpoint Antivirus and 3x Filesecurity. (has this combination the right for eset ESMC?) There is no advantage about this right? Purchasing Endpoint Protection Standard or Home-Office Pack has no disadvantage in my view and is more flexible and is also cheaper. Thx + best regards
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