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  1. Hello, I would like to activate the Eset Mail Security 7 "Rules "against incoming dangerrous attachments" I remember, that in older Verisons e.g. "Blocking Office Makro Files" can cause some trouble, because Users need their "Word XML FORMs etc..." Perhaps that was only one individual case that doesn´t matter, I don´t kno it is impossible to restore "deleted Attachments based on delete rule" right? Using Quarantine Action instead is recommend right? do you think there an other important things to know about rules? Thx, best regards
  2. Hello, we need NOD32 Antivirius Windows for mobile industry plants without static flatrate WAN/Internet line They have only expensive Satelite Internet. We need a Cloud Remote Adminconsole and traffic regulation is very important The mobile industry plant aren´t in the same local network, there are only small peer2peer networks with 3-4 PCs as far as I know Do you have a Idea about this situation?
  3. Hi, EMSX 4.5 will have no new Antispam Signatures as of 1. april right? Only Anti Malware right? thx
  4. Hello, SETUP said: a known issues a in exchange 2013 SP1 blocked install of EMSX 7 There is no other way of updating the Server right I guess.
  5. Hello, trying to install / update the newer ESET Mail Security 7 on Win2012 / 2008 claims to fail based on too old Exchange 2013 CU Version. Do you know whether there is some Information how this depends? thx in advance! I know there are articles about EOL, not Updating older Version to newer Version.... We have severall Exchange 2013 on premise Servicers running with older ESET Mail Security 4.5 Due to Newsletter older Products are off cause out of support. Retrieving Antivirus+Antispam Signatures still works and based on Log detection of dangerrous mails works.
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