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  1. Hello, Customer with Exchange 2013 CU23 was in email-discussion with a supplier. "Supplier-mail-adress" send an faked pdf-invoice with different bank-details. (scam-mail) From: Field was right. Reply-to: was the scammer with a strange-mail-domain. SMTP Sender IP was strange and not the Supplier In ESET Mail Security I could create Mail-Rules in case "SPF failed" or "rDNS is missing" , but as far as I know I don´t have much other opportunities to avoid such scam. Thx for you oppinion!
  2. Hello, customer doesn´t like "local quarantine" and doesn´t like "web-quarantine with reportmail" He prefer receiving spam at this local outlook default junk folder I insered ESET Rule with SCL 5 and Action "move to junk" It is Exchange 2016 Usually that should work right? thx + best regards
  3. Hello, Customer asked: ESET Qurantine Function not optimal because no body is available to check "local qurantine" Web Qurantine is also not so optimal. ( I know report emails are possible) Simple make a ESET Mail Security Rule about increasing SCL "if SPAM"....EFFECT-=>: Email will land in the local Outlook Junkmail Folder right? (Exchange 2019) RISK: ENDCUSTOMER have more risky Mails on his endpoint Best Regards
  4. Hello, on which server should I start the ESET Mailbox Count tool? On the Exchange 2013 (win2012) or on the domaincontroller (win2012) ? I am asking because they Domaincontroller has arround 20 more results I am asking because I need to calculate the demand for "ESET SECURE BUSINESS" I know that I have to divide the RESULT / 1,2
  5. Hello, I noticed, that a Exchange 2013 Server (I think with CU 22) has approx. 500-1000 Attacks in Dezember with ref to Botnet.CnC.Generic on Port 443
  6. Hello, with ref to eset mail security incoming rules understanding better which file extensions are dangerous based on the eset LOG (e.g. I also saw many *.img and *.iso with virus content) a) Question: Some ESET Mail Security for Exchange Version 6 and 7 has this Problem: if I go unter Log and Details the text is snipped / not full line, I need drive the mouse cursor over it to see the full style. Do you know how to solve? I didn´t updated to the latest version yet. b) I would like to find out which file extension´s were blocked. (I am u
  7. Hello, my collegue from sales doesn´t understand the "small differences" between the different licences. I mean he is selling 20 x Endpoint Antivirus and 3x Filesecurity. (has this combination the right for eset ESMC?) There is no advantage about this right? Purchasing Endpoint Protection Standard or Home-Office Pack has no disadvantage in my view and is more flexible and is also cheaper. Thx + best regards
  8. Hello, sorry - I didn understand it right. Customer have 20 x "Secure Business" but no ESMC Customer have 20 x Win10 Tower PCs in his office and a vShphere Server. If I don´t want the local "apache/centOS" ESMC - what else should "read/do"? Switch to ESET Secure Cloud Business? Goal: ESMC in the Cloud, Antivirus-Settings-via ESMC-Cloud I have a local Domaincontroller and a local Exchange. The Agent inst´t installed. The PCs don´t have the latest ESET NOD Antivirus Version. thx in advance!
  9. Hello, we are running older server. (but lattest updates are installed) 1 x SBS 2011 , Exchange is in Use 1 x Win 2008 R2 Terminalserver Based on system-requirements it should work. Both are running version 4.5 atm. I just want to doublecheck, if you say it could make huge problems. thx in advance! best regards
  10. hello, did you ever heard about Problems in connection with ESET File Security 6.4 and .NET Framwork? (on Terminalserver Windows 2012 R2) We are looking for ERP-Programm crash issues and have some .NET Errors in the Windows Event Log. A Connection to ESET is not visible, but perhaps you say based on my question: e.g. add framework to the exklusion or something like that We just added some ERP-Programm Paths to the exlusions and will review. Thx for your opinion!
  11. Hello, we have Eset Mailsecurity 7.1 and a MS Exchange Server 2013 (Windows 2012 r2) (30 Person Company) Email-Receiving: the DNS MX Entry is pointing directly to the Exchange Server. Problem: I see in the Exchangelog that everyday 1000-5000 Spamails are incoming and well blocked by ESET Mail Security. I see that this Spams have TO Field to Emailadresses that doesn´t exist. Solution Idea: Enable a "valid Receiver adress-list in the Watchguard SMTP Proxy Do you have a Idea about this situation? Eset Mail Security has the default settings - I
  12. Hello, our Eset Mail Security 7.1.10009.0 with MS Exchange 2013 CU23 on Windows 2012 says: Spam Module not properly connected to Cloud If I click the help link, it says: https://support.eset.com/kb332/ Question: do you need to allow outgoing UDP 53535 or incoming? thx in advance! To use the Antispam module: View list of IP addresses in a text file Version 5 and higher: You need to allow requests to your local DNS server (TCP/UDP port 53). Base domain for DNS queries: e5.sk NOTE: Make sure to open UDP port 53535 for the add
  13. yes that would be also nice, but I eman if I can tag incoming messages in reference line or in mail body a the beginning: e.g. Dear End-User, don´t open unknown Attachments
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