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  1. Hello, do you know something about "DNS Secure Services? Like DNS Watch from Watchguard or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norton_ConnectSafe ? The idea of it is: Port 53 outgoing of whole organisation / local office of the customer goes completly over designated DNS Servers. These DNS Servers have more Security... Do you think that is something "new" and has ESET a Similar approach? I am just loking for some information and the right technical name of it Best Regards
  2. Hello, I searched in the knowledge base about "Eset Filesecurity + Terminialserver. Do you think there is a KB Article about best practise Terminalserver Settings? Goal: Customer with one Terminalserver and 20 Happy Clicker Users needs more protection and awareness. At the Moment the Users didn "learn" that they went to far, because there is no notification as far as I know. Is is possible that the user gets a ESET Warning right below if he opens the ransomware Word document? I only need to insert the Usernames in the ESET Options "show notification to following users: ......" The users have no ESET Icon right below, because my admin-collegue put ESET into "Terminalserver Mode" I know, that here are some nice ideas: https://support.eset.com/kb3433/ ESET Config Passwort is activated, ERA 7 is available, File Sec 7 is installed Thx for your opinion! Best Regrards
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