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  1. @Marcos Server restart fixed this issue. Pretty strange. Maybe this can be added to the KB537. Anyway, thank you
  2. As far as i can see, 6.5 have still Limited Support, right? So update packages from your servers should be compatible? https://support.eset.com/en/is-my-eset-product-supported-eset-end-of-life-policy-business-products#emsx We dont use a HTTP-Proxy and the Update Server is set to automatic. I'll try to reboot the server today, hope this helps.
  3. Hello, since last week, we cant update our Mail Security anymore. It always show the error: "Undocumented Serious Error 0x1106". When we enable the diagnostic log, then there are enrties about compile errors during the update. W2008 R2 SP1 64bit Exchange 2010 ESET Mail Security 6.5.10059.1 We tried these steps here: https://support.eset.com/en/undocumented-serious-error-in-eset-windows-home-products But it doesn't help. Maybe someone have an idea or similar issues in the past with a soluton for us? Thank you.
  4. Hi filips, yes kind of. Its a special shared mailbox, where info@ emails are redirected to it. So when eset skip mail traffic checks for the quarantine mailbox, then i should seperate it, right?
  5. The mail transport protection is enabled. My rule is working for all the other mailboxes, but not for the quarantine mailbox. Is this intended? Is the quarantine mailbox excluded for checks of incoming emails?
  6. Hallo, we are using mail security 6 on an exchange server. Our quarantine mailbox is a shared mailbox, where also emails from "info@" will be delivered. In this mailbox, we have created filter rules so Email with "[Quarantine ]" will be moved to a specific folder. One rule is, that emails with doc attachment should be moved to the quarantine mailbox. Its working fine, when i'm sending me an email. But it doens't work for out info@ address. It seems, the rules will not applied for incoming emails for the quarantine mailbox. Is this intended or a bug or maybe a misconfiguration? There are no infos about this behauvour in the documentation...
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