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  1. Hi, All messages from "Humble Bundle <contact@mailer.humblebundle.com>" send from IP are tag with a "SPF Fail" by ESET but if I check the IP with the SPF record (here for example: https://mxtoolbox.com/SuperTool.aspx?action=spf%3amailer.humblebundle.com%3a52.40.63.36&run=toolpage) the IP seems to be good for the SPF check. I have this kind of error for other "legitimate" sender. Br,
  2. Thanks for the info. Br,
  3. Hi, When I reboot the server (Windows server 2016 + Exchange 2016) I have an error in ESET log : I have the last version of ESET Mail Security installed. Is it a problem (ESET seems to work) ? Br,
  4. Hi, Is it possible to quarantine spam message AND send a NDR to the sender ? Br,
  5. OK. I will try that. Thanks, Br,
  6. Hi, I have a problem with UDP ports and ekrn.exe. After 2 or 3 days, my server does not have UDP ports available anymore. It seems that ekrn.exe opens a LOT of UDP ports and never release them. The local DNS server (which is the default DNS server for this computer) opens a lot of UDP ports too (ekrn.exe seems to communicate with it). If I reboot the computer, everything comes back to normal but the number of used UDP ports start growing immediately. Can you give me a link to the last version of EMSX 6.3 to see if it resolves the problem ? Br,
  7. Hi filips, Great that you find and fixed a bug. I will try to catch some mail from smtp21.email4-beyond.com with the problem but it's a problem that I found in EMSX logs as these mails are not sent to me and I can't ask the user easily to send me the problematic email. I will keep in touch. Br,
  8. Hi, Adding the condition resolve the problem. Thanks. Yes, our domain name has SPF, DKIM and DMARC records for 2 years. Everything is working (especially Gmail accept our mail and check everything). Another remark : I have strange rejection with DKIM too with mail coming from smtp21.email4-beyond.com, mail1.eventbrite.com and other legitimate domain. I'm quite sure that these emails are good but maybe they misconfigured their server (but it's strange from big services relying on email). Anyway, many many thanks for implementing these SPF, DKIM DMARC checks. I was eagerly waiting for them. Br,
  9. Hi, I just upgrade to ESET Email Security for exchange 6.4. I create a rule to delete email with bad SPF result. I have some services sending email by SMTP. These services authenticate themselves with the SMTP service and send emails with a FROM like service@company.com TO user@company.com. These emails are erased with a false result from the SPF check and this is not correct. FYI I select in the mail transport option that authenticated users are not scanned with the antispam module. In fact, every email send by SMTP (by authenticated users to an internal user) is rejected with a false result from SPF. Is it normal ? Seems strange to me. Br,