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  1. I have mail in Mail Quarantine and after releasing it, it going again to Quarantine queue, but now with [SPAM] marked tittle. This happen again, and again. I can´t release this mai to delivering How I can disable this feature ?
  2. Yes, I know this is not malicious software, but I do not know where I can find what "Auslogics.K" means or "Auslogics.B" and what they are doing exactly was marked as "unwanted"
  3. All Auslogic products are detected as threats. But Auslogics says that this all are false detections. It is true or not. Is right to afraid this products? https://www.auslogics.com/en/software/ Cleaning by ESET broke Auslogics applications
  4. Hi everyone, in some files Malwarebytes and AVG was detect malware as Trojan.Agent.CK, but NOD scan don´t detect this. Why? drWeb don´t detect this too...
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