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Not updating and not accessible


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I have a Windows Server 2012 R2 with ERA 6.5 supporting 15 Windows 10 Pro desktops all with ESS 6.6.2052.0. I have two problematic desktops, One says Detection engine out of date and Eset LiveGrid is not accessible. The other has only  Eset LiveGrid is not accessible. My policy is set to no proxy for updates or in general, nor do I use a mirror. The updates button checks, but does not download anything on the first of the two. All other desktops are working fine. Windows firewall is disabled. I've checked the network driver to be up to date. On the first problem desktop, I tried cleaning cache, several reboots, a repair installation and then uninstall/reinstall to which none remedied the problem. The virus signature database says 16049 (20170908) and I cannot get it to update. All others have todays' date. Our router/firewall should not be the issue since all others are updating. What am I missing?

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