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  1. Do you mind sharing what the custom rule is to maybe help someone else?
  2. Something you might try - for sites that only work with Internet Explorer , I added the "IE-based tab" extension to chrome and brave browsers and can browse to them successfully.
  3. Did you install Tomcat with the Eset installer or as a standalone? My first couple tries was with the standalone and it did not work. I then uninstalled Tomcat and ran the Eset installer - checked "ESET Security Management Center Webconsole" which has Tomcat included and it then I could log into it and update the rest of the components..
  4. I had the same problem and solved mine by uninstalling tomcat (back up files in directions first), deleting directory, reinstalling tomcat and restoring said files.
  5. I have a Windows Server 2012 R2 with ERA 6.5 supporting 15 Windows 10 Pro desktops all with ESS 6.6.2052.0. I have two problematic desktops, One says Detection engine out of date and Eset LiveGrid is not accessible. The other has only Eset LiveGrid is not accessible. My policy is set to no proxy for updates or in general, nor do I use a mirror. The updates button checks, but does not download anything on the first of the two. All other desktops are working fine. Windows firewall is disabled. I've checked the network driver to be up to date. On the first problem desktop, I tried cleaning cache
  6. Thanks for the reply. I could not find a way to log anything through the transport or journal rules though. The closest would be to copy or forward, I don't want a copy of every email, just a report of received and how it was handled. So if I understand correctly, the quarantine report only sends if there is something in the quarantine? Once it is released or deleted there is no longer a record of it?
  7. I'm just setting up the anti-spam features and need some clarification: Does the web page quarantine automatically update? Is there a log of all processed mail? The quarantine report does not seem to be sending, where do I check that?
  8. I ran a repair install of eset on each of my desktops after the last update as I found things were just not working correctly.
  9. In the dashboard, go to tools - logs and change it to filtered websites and web control to see what it has blocked. Then you can go back into advanced setup under web control and add it to the address allowed list.
  10. ESS S/B - EES - is Eset Enpoint Security and by that I mean opening the dashboard on each desktop or device ERA - is Eset Remote Administrator - this is a dashboard that shows all of your computers. You can do mass policies, tasks, etc
  11. That is strange, make sure you don't have chrome excluded as an application anywhere and check the priority of your rules. Otherwise, I would open a support ticket. Are you applying rules directly in ESS or through ERA?
  12. There is no user account in the business version, what you will have to do is enable the SSL/TSL protocol filtering under Advanced Setup - Web and email. Then you can add the address to a URL group of blocked addresses. Note of caution: I've been using this for some time now and some things will get blocked automatically and you'll have to put in exceptions for them - you won't know what they are until something doesn't work and then you have to trigger the interactive SSL/TSL filtering mode to find the addresses you need to allow. I have an Allowed URL group (moved to the top of the list
  13. I had both Quickbooks and Dropbox in the excluded application list, but updates and other types of traffic within the app were being still blocked so I had to add specific exclusions as noted above.
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