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  1. Hello, we are using a using a monitoirng for all our customer servers. We just want do get ESET informations to this monitoring. Is there a unique idnetifier to get informations from the Remote Management Server Database for each agent? in the table tbl_computers is a computer_id but i cant find it on the agent in the registry. Sorry for my bad english. Hope you unterstand what i want. Thank you.
  2. tomcat7-stderr.2018-08-21.log and tomcat7-stdout.2018-08-21.log is empty service-install.log and commons-daemon.2018-08-21.log no errors I set logging level to debug I completly deleted the era direcory an download the era.war standalone and extractet it. restartet tomcat several times i used https://support.eset.com/KB6925/ Alway get https://server:8443/era/index.html. HTTP ERROR 404 even if i create a index.htm with 123 as contend i get 404
  3. Hi, we are using Windows Server 2012 R2 thats why i open an new topic. After the tomcat update and copying the old files back i get 404 Java is version 8 Era webapp directory exists. Where can i find the problem? I don´t see any errors in the logs Thanks Dominik
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