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  1. sorry to hijack the topic but I assume it is not possible exclude folders within user directory pathways? for example, we want to exclude Onedrive but each users Onedrive is in a different pathway based on their username e.g. /Users/jim/OneDrive
  2. Hi, We are seeing an issue with ESET and Zscaler conflicting, this only happens on macOS Big Sur. When the macbook goes to sleep and then you sign back in, ESET is blocking Zscaler from reconnecting until the ESET adapters are removed from the Network preferences. ESET Endpoint Security Version 6.10.910.0 Has this been reported by anyone else? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I got an email stating that ESET Endpoint Security is being renamed to ESET Protect. We have dynamic templates that search for ESET installs based on product name. e.g. a NOR operation with Installed software . Application name = (equal) ESET Endpoint Security Will ESET being renamed impact this? We have dynamic tasks attached to these groups where ESET is not found and it could impact all of our devices.
  4. Support told me to turn off 'dropbox'. Do you know how to put in exclusions for pathways on a On-Demand Scan for macOS?
  5. Would turning off Symbolic links possibly help with this?
  6. We are seeing an issue on macOS (doesn't happen on Windows) where ESET is downloading all OneDrive/Sharepoint files while performing device scans, it is downloading on the OneDrive client. OneDrive has a 'files on demand' feature that saves disk space by allowing users to see the files but only downloads them when they are accessed. ESET sees these files/shortcuts and downloads them in order to scan. We need to keep 'files on demand' enabled. Is there anything we can do apart from excluding the Onedrive pathways?
  7. Hi, We are seeing this being flagged on devices for homebrew-core as Ruby/CoinMiner.A https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew-core/blob/HEAD/Formula/orgalorg.rb https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/3013cc52a0937d977faf53d53d86fc54d99954f5086a1c5e2cfa5bf3ffdce390/details Is this detection a false positive? Thanks.
  8. I am also seeing this issue with our devices.
  9. Hey, We aren't using m1 chip yet but would like to participate, especially for the firewall functionality. DM me please and I can provide details. Thanks, Conor.
  10. case closed. was a custom firewall rule in wrong order that never impacted us until DNS fallback was removed in version 8. thanks folks.
  11. Hi, When we deploy this to anyone, their device can no longer resolve anthing. This is when they use the 'Obtain DNS server automatically' IPv4 setting on the Ethernet NIC. They have to use static DNS settings for it to work. When we roll back to 7.3.2044 it is resolved instantly, Thanks
  12. so this will happen every time Microsoft make a change to the app and there is nothing we can do to prevent it. excellent.
  13. Would just whitelisting /Applications/Microsoft Teams.app also allow all of the sub folders? /Applications/Microsoft Teams.app/Contents/Frameworks/Microsoft Teams Helper (Renderer).app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Teams Helper (Renderer)
  14. No worries, trying to figure out if there is a way to whitelist a higher level of the directory so that if MS make more changes, then it won't be impacted. Any input @Marcos
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