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  1. My scheduled scan is currently not set to "Ignore exclusions". However, If I select this box, it's an all or nothing option. I have a lot of other exclusions that I'm good with not scanning and would probably create issues if they were scanned. I just need to ignore this new one. Perhaps the answer is to create a new scan, checkmark the "ignore exclusions" box, turn off "Scan all targets" and give this new scan a target of the specific folder that I have in mind?
  2. Thanks for the quick response. When I try to add an exclusion path like the example you gave it indicates an invalid path. I'm doing this in "Process Exclusions". The documentation suggests that this is really designed for backup processes and that a specific process has to be chosen. Where you referring to the Performance or Detection exclusions? I know a folder's contents can be excluded there, but I thought both of them would also exclude from the scheduled scans.
  3. Is it possible to exclude the contents of a folder from real-time scanning, but not scheduled scans? I see that this can be accomplished with individual files, using Process Exclusions. Is there a way to do the same thing for a specific directory?
  4. We were using the ELA until recently when forced to move to the ESET MSP Administrator. In the ELA we cold sort columns by clicking on the headers. Most importantly I could sort the column showing last contact and deactivate license for the oldest ones. We can no longer sort. Am I missing something?
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