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Mail security for Exchange: Quarantine management

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When a email with attachments or a single attachment is quarantined, I cannot find a way to check the attachments as an administrator and be able to release it when it's a false positive.

On a quarantined email with attachments, the only available options are Release and Delete, so I cannot check the content.

On a quarantined attachment, the option "Restore to" is also available, so I can check the content but then the attachment is removed from the quarantine and if it is a false positive I cannot release it anymore !

To be clear, I would like to be able to export the attachments, check them in details, and when it's determined as false positive release them. This is the way that my previous antispam (VadeRetro) was working and I think it's a better experience for users and administrators.


Version in use : 10.1.10014

Thanks in advance for you comments if there is a way to achieve that.


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  • ESET Staff

Hi, a possible workaround is to switch the type of quarantine from "Local quarantine" to "Quarantine mailbox". That way you can access the quarantined emails also via Outlook/OWA/... and get access to the attachments before releasing them via ESET Mail Security.


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Hi, thanks for your answer. You are right but that would change some other things and we don't like it. It would be so simple to keep the item in quarantine when using "restore to..." !

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