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ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange

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I have few couple for our client about setup of EMSX.

1. Where should EMSX be installed on every Exchange Role server or just Transport/Edge. Docs suggest to install EMSX on every Exchange server would that still be best practice?
2. Client has a wish to enable EMSX on only selected mailboxes. Would that even be possible? Not sure why would they like to unprotect certain mailboxes, but that's their question. Possibly they didn't buy enough seats for whole organization, or they would like to skip checking administrative or automation services mailboxes. (I presume the logical solution with out include/exclude mailboxes would be to have separate exchange server for mailboxes they would like to protect and another for unprotected)


Best regards,


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  • ESET Staff

Hi Gregor,

1. Best practice is installing on every supported role

2. It's not possible to select protected mailboxes - we will count all mailboxes reported by mailbox count tool. It is possible to skip scanning of some mailboxes using rules but it has no effect on licensing.

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