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  1. Hi, I didn't find via google.fu any related topics about Samsung Secure Folder and ESET Mobile Antivirus. We have a user that is wondering why does ESET Mobile Antivirus require additional license and can't be activated via license they got at purchase of ESET Mobile Antivirus. As it seems the Secure Folder feature requires another install of any app you wanna run in protected folder. Thus ESET asking for another license. Some kind of sandbox. In such case since apparently same license can't be used twice on the same phone, where would it be smart to run ESET Mobile Antivirus? On primary phone or inside secure folder. More info on Samsung Secure Folder: Best regards, Gregor
  2. Sorry for late reply, but I presume, client would to know which URL triggered alert and possibly block it on firewall. Not really sure to be honest. But that seems logical option.
  3. Hi, I have a client wondering if it's possible to customize notification e-mails send by Threat alert. The default e-mail message does not include URL from where client downloaded threat and they would like to have such an option. I can't find a variable that could be used. Clicking rounded info doesn't display any variable with such option. Are there other variables beside listed ones: %TimeStamp%, %Scanner%, %ComputerName%, %InfectedObject%, %VirusName%. I was hoping there would be something like %URL%. If there are other possible variables to be used a list of them would be welcome. Thanks, Gregor