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Constant BSOD with Smart Security 7...

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Please help me !  I have core i3 hp 15 laptop . I'm using windows 7 64bit .  While i'm installing eset smart security 8 64bit , suddnly screen got blue and displayed some errors in white !

If you received a blue screen installing ESET, it means there's already another problem on your machine. Make sure your Windows Update says there are no more updates to apply, and especially check the driver for your graphics card (Intel AMD/ATI, nVidia, etc) to see you have the latest version.  Another possibility: the existing problem may be that it is already infected with a virus. ESET probably has some procedures you can follow to clean an infected machine.

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A virus causing BSOD - unlikely.

However there can be many issues for BSODs. The best way would be to note the error name it shows there and search this.

Then you can get an impression what this is causing.

I don't think this issue is related to ESS, but however here are the instructions to create a memory dump. As the BSOD happens already "voluntarily" you don't have to follow the instructions at the end.

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