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Bug? "Also evaluate rules from Windows Firewall" cannot be enforced by polcy

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Hi There,

I noticed something strange regarding when setting the new 6.5 Endpoint policy: "Also evaluate rules from Windows Firewall", it cannot be set. Just create a new Endpoint policy with this setting set to "Apply" or "Force", save policy. Open the policy again the setting is unset.

Please check if this is a bug. Module versions:


ESET Remote Administrator (Server), Version 6.5 (6.5.417.0)
ESET Remote Administrator (Web Console), Version 6.5 (6.5.388.0)


Update module 1069 (20161122)
Translation support module 1592 (20170315)
Configuration module 1461.10 (20170214)
SysInspector module 1266 (20161222)
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  • Former ESET Employees


please, provide us more information how you have set the policy and add screenshot.

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  • Administrators

It has been confirmed to be a bug. As a workaround, enforce also IDS and advanced options via a policy.

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