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  1. Add both agent_x64 and agent_x86 .msi files to shared folder (also with config.ini) . When applying policy, system verify architecture and choose the correct version of .msi installer. Do not forget to uncheck Make this 32-bit X86 application available to Win64 machines option in Advanced settings of the package.
  2. You cannot create installers because Certificates and licenses are included by default in static group All. Create new permission set and follow the steps bellow: -add the group All in the section Static Groups - in Functionality section select Use for Certificates. -click Finish to save the permission set Then edit Native user hungtt.lab and in Permission Sets section select this new permission set. Example how to set permission sets is here.
  3. Hi hungtt, when you have created Native user hungtt.lab, which Home Group have you set to the user? It is necessary to set Chi nahnh1 static group as Home Group. In online help are examples how to create a new native user, which permissions are neccesary to create new installers.
  4. Hello, please, provide us more information how you have set the policy and add screenshot.
  5. and have you changed ERA Server certificate in Server Settings to use previous Server certificate from your old ERA Server?
  6. Hi Jarno, could you provide screenshot from ERA Web Console: Navigate to Admin->Certificates->Certification Authorities ? # of signed active peer certificates - values in this table column are important (See screenshot)
  7. Hello sk2103, please, follow the instructions in this Knowledgebase article- you find here information how to create a user account for ERA.
  8. Hello, Have you cloned machines with installed ERA Agent? In ERA Web Console, 200 computers are displayed or only one computer? Please, provide a screenshot from Web Console.
  9. Hello, try to open ERA Web Console without port 8443: https://[IP_Address]/era Port 8443 is used to connect to ERA Web Console when ERA Virtual Appliance is installed.
  10. This is known issue for ERA 6.4. In ERA 6.5 this functionality will be available. I have replicated the steps, which you have written above and it works in ERA 6.5.
  11. Hello, please attach a screenshot with this error.
  12. Hello, it is necessary to restart ERA Server service after activating "Advanced security server setting". Instructions how to restart service is in this KB article. Then continue with the step 2,3,4 written above (Generate new Certification Authority, Éxport Public Key of the CA, Looked at the certificate)
  13. Hello, which type of operation system do you have? How did you verify that new CA and certificates use SHA-1 ?
  14. Hi, it is possible that some remnants are located in registers of the computer. Download and run ESET Uninstaller tool, step by step information (with pictures) are in this article , part II: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2
  15. This is useful if you are not able to install an ERA Agent on Windows properly. Open cmd.exe and type the command below: msiexec /i C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\Agent-1.0.373.0_x64.msi /L*v log.txt (type the path where is your installation located, name of the instalation) Errors which were occured during the installation will be in the log.txt