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  1. Ok. Thank you. I'll have a look at activating the additional features step by step.
  2. Yes I can see in this window that the Windows firewall is on. So am I right that the Windows Security Center is a bit dumb and I can ignore the warning? Anyway, what are the advantages of the ESET firewall if I choose to enable it?
  3. Hi, we hust upgraded from Endpoint Antivirus to Endpoint Security. I wanted to do a "smooth" upgrade and so I thought I just disable all additional features and enable them afterwards one by one. I alos did this with the firewall. I created a policy (in ERA) and set the firewall to diabled. I thought this would disable the ESET firewall and the WIndows firewall would step in and continue to work. But now the Windows 10 Security Center complains that there is an issue as you can see in the attached pictures. Is it possible to use Endpoint Security without the ESET firewall (using the Windows firewall)? What is best practice here? If I enable the ESET firewal and use the setting "adapt Windows firewall rules" will I still be able to deploy firewall rules through group policy? What are the advanteges of the ESET firewall instead of the WIndows firewall? I think basically both are packet filters. Thanks.
  4. I just stumpled over this and would be happy to test the new version in our environment. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, currently I am evaluating if it makes sense to install ESET FIle Security on our Hyper-V Failover Cluster nodes. On the virtual machines ESF is already running fine. The nodes are Windows Server 2016 (Core) with out-of-the-box Defender at the moment. Before testing myself I have 3 questions. Is ESET File Security supported on these nodes? Has anybody experiences in a setup like this? Will management through ERA be the only possible way of changing settings (as there will be no gui)? I've seen that there are seting regarding "ESET Cluster" with I think I need to set. And as I understand these will synchronize settings between the cluster nodes. Will this interfere with ERA management? Or are these settings not needed? Wha is the way to go here? Thanks.
  6. Hi, we are using a Static group synchronization task to sync ERA to our Active Directory. Today computer extinction handling only has the options to skip or remove computers that were deleted in AD. I suggest a third option: Move those computers to another static group. This way I could get a quick overview which computers were removed from AD and decide to delete or keep them in ERA.
  7. Hi, we are managing all ESET Endpoints with ERA version 6.5. Looking in ELA licensing portal some most of the clients show that they were "Activated from ERA". Some clients do not. I looked into the client details inside ERA and these clients show "Activated by ERA : No; Managed by ERA : Yes". I am completely sure those clients were activated by ERA through a client activation task. I deactivated all clients through ELA and reactivated them through ERA and again some clients are affected. The behavour seems random. Client agent versions are 6.4 and 6.5, Endpoint Protection version is 6.4. (Migration to all 6.5 is in progress) Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  8. Hey, thank you. This is great. Somehow I thought I read in the documentation that the AIO-Installer does not support silent installation. I will give it a try and check back with the result.
  9. Sorry I forgot to mention that I already did this. I tried to restart the Service and the whole server. The result is always the same: SHA1
  10. Hello Katarina, the server OS is Windows Server 2012 R2. I did the following steps: Activate "Advanced security" server setting Generate new Certification Authority Éxport Public Key of the CA Looked at the certificate. It shows "Signature Algorithm: sha1RSA" and "Hash Algorithm: sha1"
  11. This sounds nice. Will it also be possible to deploy the new All-in-One Installer silently with our own deployment solution or is this functionality limited to the ERA Deployment Tool?
  12. I just installed ERA 6.4 and am completely new to the product. I deploy the the ERA Agent through our software deployment tool. This works fine. Then I use the Software Installation Client Task for installing Endpoint Antivirus on the clients. This leads to the following behaviour: The Endpoint Antivirus product is installed with the default settings. Right after the installation it shows warnings that the product is not activated and the signature is not up to date. The Settings are not protected. Some seconds later the Agent seems to step in, activate the product, apply the policies and so on. Is this the intended behaviour? Is there a way that the policies are applied before the user has a chance to reach the product and manipulate the settings? Thanks TPok
  13. I just installed Remote Administrator Server 6.4 let it create the certificates during the Installation. They are all using SHA-1. According to the documentation I enabled the Advanced Security Server Setting because I wanted to have SHA-2 used. Then I created a new CA and certificates. But these are also using SHA-1. Restarting services does not help. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, TPok
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