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  1. Hi all, I've create GPO to deploy agent to clients.Bu i have a issue : all clients using win Xp ( 32bit & 64bit) did not install agent via GPO although them have been applied GPO.The clients using Win7 can install finish.It send error below attach file.I've checked and sure on these clients, i can access this resource and run it directly. This issue just on clients using WIN XP (32 & 64 bit) Please help me this issue. Thanks a lot.
  2. Thanks your advice.
  3. Hi all, I have a question about FIREWALL on ESET ENDPOINT SECURITY (EES) As i know,default firewall on EES will block all traffic from outside to client.When i create TRUSTZONE = ( my LAN network) and RULE " Allow access to shared files and printers on the local computer" will allow TRUST ZONE access. So, when one of clients on LAN network infected ransomware ( as WannaCry), this client ( has created TRUSTZONE) would be infected from infected client ?
  4. Hi ! Can anyone help me this ?
  5. Thanks MartinK, i'll try
  6. Hi all, I have a question about scan on client by ERA server ( scheduler or task ). This scan is more longer, although my clients have been first scan.Is that when scan via ERA -> on client will full scan without cache on first scan on client ? ( i chose SMART SCAN on scheduler )
  7. Hi all, My customer have a request deploy ESET below : ERA PROXY 1 <---> ERA PROXY 2 <--->ERA server. As i know, during setup ERA PROXY just have fill IP of ERA server (need import certificate Proxy and Certification authority ).Can deploy ERA PROXY connect to other ERA PROXY ? Thanks.
  8. HI all, I have a case need your help. My system have : old ERA server (1) <--> ERA PROXY server <--> clients Now i need change to : new ERA server (2) <--> ERA PROXY server <--> clients I did below link : hxxp:// ERA PROXY server has connected to new ERA server (2) but all clients connected ERA PROXY server current not appear on new ERA server (2). I think just change on ERA PROXY and all clients connected current will be appear on new ERA server (2). Please help me this.
  9. Hi all, My client is windows server 2008 R2. It infected "Win32/Exploit.CVE-2017-0147.A" and ESET can not deleted it completed ( just alert : clean by deleting). Althought i scan with mode : smart scan , In-depth scan but it can not deleted this virus.When i deteled it in Quarantine, it reappear in Quarantine again. Please help me this. Thanks.
  10. Hi Marcos, Any else solution ? Eset can not clean this virus ?
  11. Hi all, My Antivirus Threate Report Dashboard is below file attach : "win32/agent.txw " seem did not clean ( Object type : boot sector). Almost my client have been infected this. Please help me solved this. THanks.
  12. Thanks MichaIJ.
  13. HI MichaIJ, This mobile is not manage by ERA server.This mobile i enroll via email and it fail with error :HTTPS not availd.I fixes this error and enroll new email to this mobile and it managed by ERA.But old mobiles not deteted completed on ERA (old mobiles not CONNECTED ERA before).Please see my attach.
  14. Hi all, I need to remove mobile not managed below file attach.How to i can remove it ? I tried remove but it automatic add again.