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  1. Hi Marcos ! I've turn off firewall on my server.It's still download normal. Please check my log ( wireshark + warnlog). log.rar
  2. Hello ! Anyone can help me .
  3. Hi Marcos ! Please help me clear this issue. Thanks
  4. Hi Marcos ! Please help me check this.
  5. HI Marco, This new log. warnlog.rar
  6. Hi Marco ! Before it disabled.I've enable. This new log. warnlog.rar
  7. Hi Marcos, This my log. warnlog.rar
  8. Hi Marcos ! I've test on new client : enable live grid.But access your link test, eset not scan.
  9. Hi Marcos ! As I know, when install eset, LiveGrid will be enable during setup process. Can you check the root cause in client's log ? Because my system have 130 clients, just this 2 clients have infected this rasomware.
  10. Hi ! As I know, this virus sign has detected by eset in : hxxp:// So why my client infected this.
  11. Hi ! I've installed ESET from 9/2016. Client (win 8) and server ( win 2012 R2) have infected this ransomware. Please check attachment. Thank you. P/s : because it > 10MB ( ~ 50MB), I upload this link : hxxp://
  12. Hi ! I've scan with eset after infected .wallet file ransomware virus, but eset did not detect this ransomware. Please help me !
  13. Hi Marcos, How can I fix this error ?
  14. Hi Zerrokooll, As I know, ESET File Security don't has Firewall Personal.Let's check firewall server.
  15. Hi Peter, Thanks your feedback.I'll give later. Thank you.