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  1. Hi Marcos, How can I fix this error ?
  2. Hi Zerrokooll, As I know, ESET File Security don't has Firewall Personal.Let's check firewall server.
  3. Hi Peter, Thanks your feedback.I'll give later. Thank you.
  4. Hi Peter, The server and clients installed other Antivirus before.After remove old AV and install ESET, servers and clients were dump. About server, I still not install ESET again because my data on server is important. Please help me check and fix error for clients.It's urgent with me.(my system have 180 clients). Thank you.
  5. Hi Peter, I've install on client winxp and it dumped.I'll will install on server soon. Please help me check. client dump.rar
  6. Hi Peter, I'll try install and give log memory.dmp. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I send my log on windows server 2003 and 2008.When install ESET FILE SECURITY, the both server are dump.SERVER SERVER
  8. Hi Peter Randziak, I'll give information soon. Thank you.
  9. Hi all, I've installed Eset File Security on windows 2008, then ESET update database sign virus finished .After restart server, it has dump. I must remove ESET and it working again. Please help me check. My image dump in URL : hxxp:// Because it large > 10MB, I've upload to
  10. Hi fillips, This is my configuration
  11. Hi fillips, I've set warning on Minimum verbosity for notifications as in attach file.It's not working.
  12. Hi all, I've configurated Send event notification by email on :ADVANCED SETUP --> TOOLS --> Email notifications The SMTP server and username / password access on client (outlook) is ok And I've configurated ACTION on Rule ESET : Send email notification. But I can not received email notification when client math rule on eset. Please help me.