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  1. ESET LiveGrid is not accessible

    Hi MichalJ, Default on Endpoint, this feature is enabled.I don't know why clients can access internet but this alert appear. I just changed disable or enable gateway of ERA server. I think this option just available when ERA PROXY 3128 not available, clients will use direct connection.On this case, ERA server can not access internet but Apache HTTP PROXY is still normal.
  2. ESET LiveGrid is not accessible

    Hi MichaIJ, Yes, I've deployed Endpoint by default.And when i configure Endpoints to not use proxy server, this alert not appear on ERA and Clients. Thanks your quick response.
  3. Hi all, Today, when i disbaled gateway of ERA server after deploy ESET ENDPOINT 6.6 to clients, I recieved alert on my clients : ESET LiveGrid is not accessible .(Before disable gateway of ERA server, everything is normal).When i enable gateway of ERA server, this alert is not appear. I don't want ERA server access internet.All clients can access internet direct. Please help me chech this alert. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, As i known in ESET Gateway Security just have 2 tempale : http_template_infected and http_template_notscanned . I need to define template alert to clients when they access black-list website.Example : Warning website is denied by administrator ! How to define template alert for black-list ESET Gateway Security ? Thanks.
  5. ESET Endpoint Security Web Protection issues

    Hi Marcos, I've installed EES version 6.6 today and have a same issue.when i click "Use URL Group" and "Use Group" nothing show up. Please help me check this.
  6. Maybe no solution for this
  7. Thanks your information. BTW, so how can i count my mailboxes on linux ( as i know on exchange mail, i can manage my mailboxes). P/s : my customers ask : how to count mailboxes that they will buy ?
  8. Anyone can help me this ?
  9. HI all, I have a question about ESET Mail Security for linux and exchange server : i actived my mail server linux ( 4.5.6 ) but it not appear on ( unit and subunit not appear) , with mail exchange server it appear on So how to i can manage license ESET Mail Security on linux ? ( unit and subunit ) Thanks all.
  10. ESET Mail Security compatibility

    The same my issue, but maybe this sub forum is unnoticed.
  11. HI all, I've installed ESET Mail Security(EMS) for Zimbra mail 8.6. When i setup MTA, it has error with : Available ESETS installations/uninstallations: 1) MTA 2) POP3 3) IMAP 4) SMTP 5) quit Your selection (1-5): 1 Postfix inbound install using esets_mda: No file procmail in /opt/csw/bin:/opt/csw/sbin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/lib64/qt-3.3/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/root/binPostfix contentfilter install using esets_smtp: esets_smtp already installed for transparent/outbound SMTP scanningAvailable ESETS installations/uninstallations: 1) MTA 2) POP3 3) IMAP 4) SMTP 5) quit Your selection (1-5): Before i've installed EMS on exim mail, it's ok.I have issue on Zimbra mail 8.6 with : Setting ESETS for MTA Postfix Please help me this.Thanks.
  12. Hi all, After reboot EVS, it worked normal.But it will not working after times ( about 30-45minutes). I can not resolve this issuse.Any solution to help me ? Thanks
  13. HI all, I've been deploy EVS on NSX finished.And it has been work yesterday.Today, my VMs have been not protected when i unzip or download virus file as before. I check log on EVS and it alert : Aug 3 03:00:17 evs evs_sva[10740]: [ERROR] (EPSEC) [0x2a9f] EPSecFileRead error: VFileGuestStatusException@tid=10911: Event id: 72115, VFile Guest( subtype: 1, status: 0xd, version: 0x50000.VFileGuest protocol error 13. Aug 3 03:00:17 evs evs[10741]: summ[29f53e3e]: vdb=34267, agent=sva, name="C:\Documents and Settings\eset\My Documents\Downloads\2017-07-31-GlobeImposter-malspam-and-artifacts\emails\2017-07-31-GlobeImposter-malspam-111835-UTC.eml:Zone.Identifier", virus="", action="", info="Event occurred on a newly created file.", avstatus="not scanned" Please help me this.
  14. Hi all, i need to deploy vagent host on EVS vm vshield but i can not download this version.just have vagent host for NSX. please help me check this.thanks