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  1. Hi MichaIJ, If ERA server is use IP local at company, when users out of company how to policy "in house" can push from ERA server ? Option "override mode" not help full because user can use this on company to drop all policy.
  2. Thanks Katarina.
  3. Hi Katarina, -add the group All in the section Static Groups --> native users hungtt.lab will access group ALL ? hungtt.lab just access group "Chi nhanh 1".
  4. Hi Katarina, Please see below image.I mean that : I can not create All in one installer via Native uses hungtt.lab because it not display Certificate and License.With user Administrator it normal.
  5. Hi all, I created Native Users with permission set : Functionality Access Groups & Computers Read, Use, Write Permission Sets Read, Use, Write Domain Groups Read, Use, Write Native Users Read, Use, Write Agent Deployment Use Certificates Read, Use Server Tasks & Triggers Read, Use, Write Client Tasks Read, Use, Write Dynamic Groups Templates Read, Use, Write Reports and Dashboard Read, Use, Write Policies Read, Use, Write Licenses Read, Use, Write Notifications Read, Write Stored Installers Read, Use, Write But when I login with this user : hungtt.lab ,i can not create All in one installer because it can not show Certificate and License as when login with Administrator user. Please help me check.
  6. Hi Marcos and MichaIJ, I've been created success.Thanks. Should be description TARGET APPLICATION on interface.
  7. Hi Marcos and MichaIJ, I created below attach file, but on client still access this application.
  8. Hi all, I just created HIPS rulte block application but it not working. Please see attach file.Please help me check. Thanks.
  9. Hi all, How can I create HIPS rule block application on clients from ERA. As attach file, I need to know "Specify file path" of application on client but I don't know exactly "Specify file path" of application on client, I just know application installed on client. So can I get this information on ERA server ? Thanks.
  10. it's help full.Thanks MartinK .
  11. Hi Peter, I allowed Everyone to access on this SHARE FOLDER, client can access this folder without username/password. But eset can not update database via this folder.It fail with : Invalid username/password.
  12. Thanks your information.
  13. Hi Marcos, I tested install new ERA server and install new agent on client.Because old agent has password protection before, so I can re-install agent on this client to push the desired policy. Have another solution ?