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  1. I can not control eset email on linux by user guide.please help me this
  2. Hi all, Anyone can help me this ? Thanks.
  3. Hi all, How to manage license mailbox on ESET Mail Security for linux ?
  4. Hi all, the user guide for product mail on linux seems not easy to how can i control this product?
  5. Hi all, i installed ESET Mail Security 4.5.6 for linux OS version: Linux 2.6.32-696.1.1.el6.x86_64 x86_64 System time: 2017-05-18 16:28:21 UTC Product version: 4.5.6 Check new version Virus database: 15435 (20170518) Licensed products: ESET Mail Security I configruated Mail reports on web interface but it not working.( i tested on client send/receive email has been checked by ESET) Plsease help me check.
  6. By theway, if client just install agent, so the policy Endpoint not available on it.
  7. Hi Marcos & MartinK, Because in Agent policy has just decription : "Report if operating system is not up-to-date" --> operating system is mean : OS,Windows security center ? On Endpoint policy : Microsoft Windows® Update -> it will notification on client or notification on ERA ? Thanks.
  8. Hi all, I created policy as link : hxxp:// But it seems not working.When I reboot client, it not show this alert ("Operating system is not up to date").After client connect ERA, this alert is show. Please help me check. P/s : I tried reboot client many times after apply this policy.
  9. Hi all, In ESET ENDPOINT SECURITY ( EES), the feature Web control have USER LIST, how do I can use this future ? By the way, when I create this policy on ERA server, how to I can add user ?
  10. Thanks Marcos and Martink,
  11. HI Marcos, I tried changed but it still not working. I created other templates with : "Network IP addresses . IP subnetwork in" to move pcs in net in Dynamic groups but it not working as I desire.I don't know why.
  12. Hi all, I created Dynamic group template to define pc NOT IN COMPANY but it seems not working as I desire. Example : my network at company is :, when pc use other network will be move to Dynamic group "PC NOT IN COMPANY" But my client at company with ip --> moved dynamic group PC NOT IN COMPANY. Please help me check this.Thanks,
  13. Hi MichaIJ, If ERA server is use IP local at company, when users out of company how to policy "in house" can push from ERA server ? Option "override mode" not help full because user can use this on company to drop all policy.
  14. Thanks Katarina.
  15. Hi Katarina, -add the group All in the section Static Groups --> native users hungtt.lab will access group ALL ? hungtt.lab just access group "Chi nhanh 1".