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  1. Hi, I am getting below error message while activating ESET Endpoint Security for Mac. Please provide any suggestion. Thanks & Regards, Chetan.
  2. Yes, I have done the multiple replications already by changing the policy settings.
  3. Dear Support Team, I have installed "ESET Mobile Device Management for iOS" on my iPhone 5S through enrollment task from ERA. Everything works perfectly i.e. connectivity and policy, also it shows the "OK" status under the group section. But, when I am checking under "Device name" --> Show details--> ALERTS --> "Product is not activated", though it is activated through ERA task. So, please find attached screen-shots and help to resolve this problem. Thanks & Regards, Chetan.
  4. Hi, My issue has been resolved after installation of latest version (i.e. v2.6.12) by removing existing one. Thank all for your suggestions . Thank you.
  5. Dear all, I am using ESET Security Authentication on my windows server 2012 & it has configured for “Windows login” and “RDP” authentication. Now due to some reason I need to change the system. As mentioned in the ESET KB articles, it not necessary to backup ESA Server & its database as all data is stored on the AD only. So, finally I have installed ESA Server on the different server, but I am unable to access that machine via RDP. Please see the attached error message. Also I don’t have the access of that server physically, so I can not check anything else. Please help in this case ASAP, as my older server will be crash in few days. Thanks & Regards, Chetan Mhala.
  6. Thank you for information. This is what I was looking for.
  7. Dear Team, I need information about Licensing of Microsoft SharePoint Server. Is it comes within the bundle itself in Standard, Advanced, Secure Business and Secure Enterprise type of licenses or this is a completely separate product? Thank you.
  8. "Proceed to (unsafe)" route me towards "HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found" page.
  9. Firewall rules are correct, I am able to telnet on all the required ports. Please see the below image which will show you, its downloading the certificates from Safetica and not from ERA.
  10. I have changed port from 8443 to 8012 and it is listening. Still same problem persist. Let me tell you one more thing, I have installed Sefetica server on the same host, is that creating this problem?
  11. I have already tried restart tomcat service. please see below netstat response
  12. Hi, I have installed latest version of ERA on windows server 2016 which works properly through localhost. But whenever I am trying to access it using IP address it doesn't, not even from the same server. Firewall rules are already created to allow its traffic. For more information please refer attached screenshot and help me to resolve this problem. Thank you.
  13. Thank you for the information Michal. So can you tell what exact information it will includes in v7 regarding hardware inventory. Does it will report about hardware changes as well.
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