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  1. When am looking for this problem I found the same problem but you did not complete the answer about "DNS TXT Queries" how to check " DNS TXT queries" Attached screenshot that shows the old post @Marcos
  2. hi all In webcontrol, when adding a rule if I select "always" or "information" in logging severity reports shows no activity at all while if I choose "warning" in logging severity, reports works fine
  3. hi giz When clients uses proxy to access internet, Webcontrol fails to show "blocked webpage message" to blocked websites requests. Attached screenshot that shows the message that apears on the browser configured DNS on clients is when clients access internet without proxy, "blocked webpage message" works fine Endpoint Security is configured to access internet though proxy
  4. the issue is sloved thank you
  5. The "FQDN" for the server is same as in the list
  6. this problem appears when i Generate web control reports only
  7. help me plz when i create report in ESMC v7 the server name not correct server name diffrent between rreports and managment
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