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  1. I created a dynamic group with, contains Agents v7 AND v6 are both installed, then run 2 x Run Commands (1 for each of the reg deletes) when clients joined the group. This resolved the issue for me 95% of the time, i did have to manually rerun the task a few times and had to manually remove one of the reg entries as it was being stubborn and not deleting on at least two machines.
  2. The ESET UK office is relocating to a new office building this weekend, as a result the current office is now closed and due to reopen on Monday morning of the 18th December. For urgent support please e-mail helpdesk@eset.co.uk, or call 01202 405 405. Please be patient while we complete the relocation to the new premises at which point normal service operations will resume. Jonathan Please note that the office move completed over the weekend and full server was resumed on Monday morning as planned.
  3. If you have ESET Live grid enabled you should be able to reboot the computer to resovle the issue. Jon
  4. I had a simlar issue recenty and it turned out the few machines that would not renew their licecne had rouge proxy settings in the ESET client, they couldn't communicate with the activation servers, clearing the proxy details and they activated correctly. Check to see if the same has happened to you.
  5. design changes are coming, and some from what I belive will be quite soon... Jon
  6. Hi If you have logged into the ELA as a security admin then you will only be able to deactvite licences activated using that account, to deactivate 'any' client under a licence then you need to log in to the ELA using the licnece key (top left box) and then you will be able to do what you need to do. Jon
  7. Hi you can use the link below to find the list of address that ESET uses and which should be open for proper functionality of the ESET software. hxxp://support.eset.com/kb332/
  8. Hi If you want to put the computer in to an OU and have ESET auto install then firstly create a GPO to install the ESET Agent Live Installer hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN3595 (you can edit the batch file to search for /qr and replace with /qn to make it completey silent) and assign it to the OU, once the Agent is installed then the ERA can do its thing. Create a Client install task to install the ESET software and licence etc and assign it to the OU Group and set the 'Trigger' for when Joined/changed depending on the wording for the version of ERA you have installed. I normally create a Dynamic group based on 'is there is another AV installed', a client task removes this, another dynamic group for 'no other AV and no ESET', a sub dynamic groups for workstation and server OS and then assign the client install tasks for installing EEA/EES or EFSW depending on the server.
  9. Hi You need to make sure that the web control rule has 'logging severity' set to 'Information' For my my report/dashboard I created a report to gather:- Web control . Group by (User) Web control . Fixed interval (Time of occurrence) Web control . Group by (Action performed) Web control . Group by (Category) Web control . Group by (Matching URL)
  10. Hi Graphical options are on a 'per user' basis, to apply the options to all the users you need to set the option for 'Surpress users settings' to 'Yes' you'll find the option at the top of the section for the 'Default user interface values'
  11. If you disable the firewall are you able to access the ERA server as expected? When I enabled the firewall on my test 2008R2 server with ERA along with firewall logging enabled I was able to see ports 443 and 2222 get blocked, I created a simple port rule to allow 2222 and 443. I was then able to access the console as expected without any issues appearing. Checking the firewall log I could see the port 443 was accessing c:\program files (x86)\apache software foundation\tomcat 70\bin\tomcat7.exe and port 2222 was accessing c:\program files\eset\remoteadministrator\server\service.exe Also remember that the link should https://ip.address.of.server/era (not putting /era will result in a blank page as you are getting) Jonathan
  12. Choose the 'logged user' option for the 'Client custom info' ERA > Tools > Server options > Advacned > Edit advacnced > Settings > Other settings > Client custom info x:
  13. Inside the package configuration, put the required IP/subnet in to the Trusted Zone section of the Firewall rules, this will prevent the window appearing on push installations.
  14. PowerShell may well run but you could be missing the Exchange plugins which the script fixes, you won't need to reboot the server after running the script.
  15. Can you try this fix from MS to see if it resolves the issue, even if you can access the PowerShell it could still be affecting the loading of the Transport agents. hxxp://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/Exchange-2010-Post-SP1-or-3a5e2a21 more info:- hxxp://joetrombley.wordpress.com/2011/03/12/the-windows-powershell-snap-n-microsoft-exchange-management-powershell-e2010-is-not-installed-on-this-machine/
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