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  1. Thanks Dear Marcos i did it as you say and after 1 day it was ready to deploy with new config
  2. Thanks Dear Marcos but problem is in Remote Install tab - IPv4 Column shows OLD IP Setting for Clients and i can't delete or change this items Regards
  3. Yes, but How can i Clear the client list?
  4. i recently change my ip class on my server and correct my setting in cfg.xml file to deploy in my LAN. then create a task to deploy this new config , etc . but there is a small problem , in ERA shows our client had old ip address and i don't know how to update and rebuile to new ip class. any help will be appreciated. THNX
  5. in which section can I set this option 'Surpress users settings' yes all all endpoints have been deployed
  6. i'm setting up ERA Server & ESET Endpoint 5.x on my Network and deploying Antivirus to clients. i created a cfg file and set the values of some items such as disable splash, disable all notification , etc. In my opinion, these settings must applied to all users But in practice it does not run as i wish. when new user log-on, shows splash and some notification what can i do? all users use same setting THNX
  7. Our Company is located in two separate buildings and communication has been established based on radio wireless - in headquarter, we have ERA Server and Managing its own clients (main: - in secondary building, have installed another ERA Server and Managing its own clients (secondary: considering the communication is established between two buildings and both are in a same subnet & IP, i prefer to manage all clients in one ERA Console. and according to wireless connection between buildings i want to reduce the radio traffic is replication useful for this purpose? how to configure this item? THNX
  8. last week i install and configure ERA 5.2 on my 2008R2 server and point some clients to this server Note that this update service is set up on port 80 (hxxp://192.168.1.x) yesterday i install TS & IIS service insde this ERA server and now ERA can get update from internet but clients couldn't get update themeself from local ERA server what can i do to resolve this issue? THNX
  9. hxxp://download.eset.com/download/.../.../offline_update_eav.zip These are not standard update files; the package is intended only for special cases and is not supported otherwise. sorry for late But this package is updated every day and password required for downloading
  10. hxxp://download.eset.com/download/.../.../offline_update_eav.zip
  11. ERA Service usually store definition update ERA Server & Console Eng compressed or not compressed update files doesn't matter i didn't mention about deployment
  12. a mirror created by ESET Remote Administrator when i download offline update zip file from ESET website, size is 44 MB and my mirror size is 90 MB
  13. i'm using ERA Server in my network and copy my mirror update on file server there is strange difference between the size of the two mirror size is about 85 - 90 MB offline update from ESET is about 40 - 45 both offline files work correctly I'm surprised at the difference and don't know the reason for this difference Can someone explain to me? Regards
  14. according to this solution , can I manage the branch office computers from headquarter?
  15. i'm searching for alternate update solution for updating in wide range and location & branch
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