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  1. After creating a new CA ( with security enabled) and reploy the MDM Appliance. It is working for me.
  2. Hello Forum, i have created a new Certifikate with advanced security is turned on, but on IOS 12 it is not working anymore. What could we do... Thanks Maik
  3. Hello MichalJ we have Server 7.0.451.0 and MDC 7.0.413.0. How can i see the logfiles from the MDC Appliance ? Thanks Maik
  4. Hello forum, ESET MDM is not compatible with IOS 12. If i try to install the profile, the ipad say "Profilinstallation ist fehlgeschlagen Profil konnte nicht installiert werden. Could somone else please test IOS12 Thanks Maik
  5. Hello Forum, is ESET MDM working with IOS 12 ? Greetings Maik
  6. Hello, i have deleted the two registry keys and now it seems ok. Thank you for your help.
  7. Hello Forum, 2 of my Clients have the Problem. What can i do, to solve the wrong reporting. Thanks Maik
  8. Hello Forum, i have the deployed the ESET Shared Local Cache Server from OVF. Everythink is working fine. After i upgrade the outdated Remote Administrator Agent in the Shared Local Cache Server to version i see the Alert "Product is installed but it is not running" in the Status of the Shared Local Cache Server in the Remote Administrator. What is going wrong with the Remote Administrator Agent upgrade. Thanks Maik
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