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  1. I'll apologise. I rarely get any hits and between the last time I looked and now it has been adjusted so the window can be resized. Skip over my ignorance and carry on.
  2. A resizable window would be ideal...for anything and everything, especially scan results!
  3. Within https://support.eset.com/kb141/ is the section for Report a suspicious website or false positive website via email If you have already done so and nothing has been achieved to date then I would suggest you resend, allow a suitable amount of time for a reply (2-5 working days). If nothing then ask for contact with supervisor, or development lead, etc. anyone with the ability to get something done. You might consider messaging on the social media forums for ESET. My experience is that any time postings are public, they are acted upon much faster. Also, contact your sales channel who sold you the software and request that they intervene. After all, sales are the backbone of any company, without those there is no business and with bad publicity sales will also be impacted.
  4. The admins will close this yet again as they have repeatedly requested you to post it in the correct forum. As for email responses, it is rather strange if the company is not responding via official channels. I could only suggest you locate specific individuals and message them directy to obtain assistance if the forums are non-responsive.
  5. ANZ is probably already listed in ESET's online database which is available to the BPP module.
  6. Had you tried the banking page on tht system BEFORE you installed ESET? Have you checked firewall ports? Have you tried other bank's pages?
  7. It would be helpful to provide the URL of the page you are trying to open. Thus, your extra comment is even less helpful. Try disabling any non-ESET extensions and attempt the page again.
  8. I had a power outage at home and when power was restored my bios clock had reset. The date difference causes Smart Security, etc to flag all websites, certificates, etc as invalid. It took me some clicks to realise it was the clock that was the problem. However, now a few sites do not show images or comments, etc as I had blocked a few things which looked suspicious and ESET declared were invalid/unknown certificates but were not. It would be a good idea to clearly indicate that the clock may be the problem (time synchronisation). This surely cannot be a problem to achieve if the ESET software can figure out that a datestamp for a certificate may be out of synch. As an aside, how do I now fix the blocked links I previously clicked?
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