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  1. I thiknk that is more a problem for your phone network provider to deal with.
  2. It will be a learning experience but one that will be more rewarding. Linux requires that you know more of the mechanics of an operating system but, if and when things go wrong, you will be in more of a position to fix your own problems. Linux should run faster and more efficiently. Certainly virtual machines will run better/faster using KVM/QEMU.
  3. You can mount disks. You create a mountpoint on an existing, visible partition/drive, eg., C:\mount and in DISK MANAGER you do NOT allocate a drive letter to a partition but assign a mountpoint. These will be hard mounts. You cannot usually get any properties info directly but have to open the mountpoint properties then open the mount properties. A small thing. I have several drives/partitions mounted without drive letters. However, they are mounted on mountpoints under D:\ and E:\ so they do only spin up when booting system or when accessing partitions mounted. In my case, these are usualy archive directories for AUDIO, VIDEO and PHOTOS so no running .exe exists and, because of this I have excluded them from any scans. My other mounted partitions are on SSD and contain all kinds of files but no noise so no spin-up...or down.
  4. I had a power outage at home and when power was restored my bios clock had reset. The date difference causes Smart Security, etc to flag all websites, certificates, etc as invalid. It took me some clicks to realise it was the clock that was the problem. However, now a few sites do not show images or comments, etc as I had blocked a few things which looked suspicious and ESET declared were invalid/unknown certificates but were not. It would be a good idea to clearly indicate that the clock may be the problem (time synchronisation). This surely cannot be a problem to achieve if the ESET software can figure out that a datestamp for a certificate may be out of synch. As an aside, how do I now fix the blocked links I previously clicked?
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