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  1. As a matter of interest, internally ESET is not having any problems with either ESET firewall or Microsoft teams so there must exist a setup which will happily work.
  2. The original poster should get some translating assistance as all of this appears to be extremely confounding. It would help others to assist you in this issue. For example, mentioning Microsoft surface tablet 2005 when they clearly didn't start with that device until 2011/2012...and how does that even relate to the original issue?
  3. With every iteration of ms software, it bloats and bloats but fails to really improve. User functionality is reduced at the expense of adding extra garbage that could be eliminated. As for exchange, the end-user couldn't give a toss, they use the mailtool outlook and ANYTHING could be sitting behind that. Since switching to win10 (3 months), I have had 2 instances where my raid1 is re-synchronising. Previously, win7, I had 2 raid1 volumes and no re-synch in 4 years! Currently, it has been running re-synch since 8pm last night (13+ hours). Previously, I removed the mirror and recreated the volumes which was much faster. LVM on Linux synchs WAY faster. Windows and microfart are a closed-system blight on the tech world and the sooner it is up against the wall the better.
  4. Probably about time the world steered away from microspasm anyway.
  5. I don't get it. If the patch has gone last month, presumably this has closed the hole. In which case, how can these systems be exploited if patched?
  6. I had a power outage at home and when power was restored my bios clock had reset. The date difference causes Smart Security, etc to flag all websites, certificates, etc as invalid. It took me some clicks to realise it was the clock that was the problem. However, now a few sites do not show images or comments, etc as I had blocked a few things which looked suspicious and ESET declared were invalid/unknown certificates but were not. It would be a good idea to clearly indicate that the clock may be the problem (time synchronisation). This surely cannot be a problem to achieve if the ESET software can figure out that a datestamp for a certificate may be out of synch. As an aside, how do I now fix the blocked links I previously clicked?
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