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  1. THANKS jonathan. very helpful. there were clients with proxy settings enabled. dunno how because my in the policies i ve cleared all the proxy settings. Thanks anyway! cheers
  2. Hi all, we have an issue with 2-3 devices in our enviroment. We have over 140 devices with activated ESET V6. We recently had to renew the license. This worked fine for most of the employees. 2-3 of them were not able to get the renewed license from the ERA server. I tried to push a product activation task to the clients without success. How should i proceed? Thanks for your help
  3. How can i password protect installations on Mac machines that users can`t disable or access advanced settings of the security product? For Windows i can set this with a policy, but i`m unable to find one for Mac. Thanks regards,
  4. I am having the exact same issue! I had to start from the scratch since the old ERA 6 installation somehow killed itself and i lost everything. Now i have 8 clients running fine (still in the testing phase)(not in mood to deploy everything again to 150+ clients). The 8th client was one with a older security product. Uninstalling outdated security product from ERA server worked fine. Then send out the installation task through ERA6. See the screenshot below: I really dont know why he points to this address. I mean yes this is the address from our era server, but the repository is set correctly. We dont use any proxy servers. I checked every policy that could point to another update or repository server, nothing. So my question is, where does this strange behaviour comes from? When i roll out the agent live installer to a new machine which never had installed ESET products before , everything seems to be fine.
  5. Deleted all Software install tasks, created a new one. same result, still pointing to av2.appway.com but ERA6 reports that the repository is set correctly
  6. Ok recreating the Live Installer worked that the client connects again to the era server again. i can roll out policies, wake-up call, reboot etc. The only thing not working is updating the antivirus itself. Signature database update works fine but every time i try to run a Software Install task, it points to av2.appway.com which is the DNS name of our ERA6 server. but i have checked all policies. There is no policy or setting pointing to that address nor have i setup a HTTP proxy. i just want them to update through the ESET repository. Here are some screenshots from the settings:
  7. And 35 clients last connection date is the 4th September, the date when we did the upgrade to 6.2, so since then, not an single client is reporting back to the ERA 6 server. How can i push the Certificate?
  8. Hi Marcos, I have checked again the configuration and saw that one policy was pointing wrong to the address above. i cleared that and tried again to deploy components upgrades for security products without luck. I had to generate a new certificate while upgrading to 6.2. How can i push the new certificate to the existing clients? I think this may be the problem why they cant update them self when i push the installation task from ERA6 webconsole. Virus signature updates are working fine, i just cant get th clients to update to the newest security product.
  9. The error code is visible on the screenshot. I have attached it again we do not use a proxy, we want them to update from available era servers. i know this can increase the bandwidth but this is not a problem for us. we just want older clients to grab the newest installation file and install it. that's what i am trying to push with task, which fails as described above
  10. Hi, im trying to do the same, but im running into a problem, that i cant reach the repository. Installation fails everytime. any help from your side? thanks
  11. Dear Eset Team, I have updated to ERA V6.2 today and also rolled out the new Agent Live installer. This worked fine. Good improvements in this version. Still there are bugs. I cannot get a package from the repository. I can push an installation command from ERA6 to a client. But it never gets installed. I got this from the detailed execution view I have set the update server to "autoselect". Im still in the process of getting in a lot of new clients with EEAv4 EEAv5 and i need to make sure they can update trough ERA to v6. Can you help? Thanks
  12. Hi Marcos, i have checked the IP`s. I believe that`s not the problem. Info: - two clients(servers) are NOT located in our network, hosted at our exchange partner - they are in a different subnet - there is a different firewall - we don't have any rights to manage the network or the config where the two servers are located. - the two clients were detected after running the live agent install script. - the two clients were able to download the EEA and install it from the repository. this task was pushed from the ERA 6. - the defined policies were successfully applied to the two clients. - our server is reachable from everywhere. i have tested that out from Europe/Hong Kong and with several mobile devices with different ISP`s Since we can deploy the agent and the EEA gets installed with the push installation from the ERA server, the ports we have opened are working properly. My question is, why cant i activate a product with the activation task, when deploying the ERA agent and installing the product itself works? The agent needs to push the activation task the same way it pushed the installation task right? Also the policies are pushed correctly. I have to enter a password i setup on the ERA to access advanced setup on the product.
  13. Hi Marcos, Thanks for the fast reply. No the RD sensor is not in the same subnet. The Server wont be in a the same subnet as the clients because we also have them outside of our company, traveling around the world, working at clients network. That is why we made the server reachable from public networks with the ports 2222/2223. We are currently running it for testing purpose on a AWS Cloud instance in a Virtual Private Cloud. Communication from Amazon to our Network is working. Firewall is disabled on the affected computers. Thank you for the IP address list. I only found one KB with the necessary Ports. I will check the IP address list.
  14. Dear ESET Support, I am testing ESET ERA 6 for two weeks now. Info: On version 6.1.444.0 the Rogue Detection Sensor does NOT work. Please fix that for the upcoming release. I was able to install the ERA 6 on our server and also was able to deploy agents with the live installer scripts. However i have the problem that clients outside of our company network, cant talk "correctly" to the server. But ERA 6 is able to show me that the last connection between Server and Clients was some moments ago. Pushing the agent worked fine. Pushing the installation with a policy worked fine. Updating the Virus DB and Activate the Product? NO Do i have to setup something special? The server can be pinged and reached from outside, because we have opened the necessary ports as described in the install guideline. What do i have to setup that the clients get his updates from the ESET Server? leaving it by default on "AUTOSELECT" didnt work. I was very happy about the new interface and the performance overall ( don't use the console in the server, connect to the Web console with a Browser on a different client: 1000x faster). This issue is big and could be the reason not to go with ESET. Thanks for a fast feedback. regards Sanjeev
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