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License valid but no Update-Autorisation

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(first sorry, my english isnt good)

i got a problem with my smart security.


i always get a error when i activate the update.


It always tells me (warning i have to translate it..): Update of the Database endet with an error

Error with the update autorisation, be sure the license is valid.


Well at the main page of the programm it says: license valid until 25.04.2017,

on the eset page where i can look it up and can extend it it says the same.


i already un- and reinstalled the program a couple of times and followed all i found in the knowledge base (well as long i didnt missed something), but its always the same.

now at the last try i made a trial account to update it, than i hit activate and entered the key again..

Same error again, but at least i got a nearly up to date database.


Is there something i could have missed? any step i have to do to make it valid?

I only bought it at eset.com and followed the description from the mail (download it, enter user name and password to get the key etc.)

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