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De que forma protege NOD32 las PC's de Ramsomware Locky

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Buenas noches estimados del Foro de Nod32,

Quisiera saber si los productos NOD32 Bussiness y Home protegen los equipos ante ataques de Ramsomware Locky y si el personal que hace uso de los equipos protegidos por NOD32 aun a pesar que estuvieran protegidos que cuidados deben tener.

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  • Administrators


since this is an English forum, please post in English (use a translator, if needed). Otherwise we will not be able to answer you accurately or completely. If you are asking about Locky, use the latest version of ESET Smart Security or Endpoint Security which provides maximum protection against Filecoders (including Locky) provided that LiveGrid is enabled and working.

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  • ESET Staff

Hi @juanca8080,


You mention "NOD32 Bussiness y Home" and also you say NOD32 forum, so I think you are

using those programs which are now some kind of obsolete.


All "Business" products are now called "Endpoints"

and "NOD32" is not the only product the company ESET offers to Home users.


I suggest you contact your local distributor and get assistance to update all your PC to latest

version of whatever your license allow it to use.

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