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Virus Scan Wont Work??


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Just realized my C:/ drive keeps periodically jumping between having 15 GB free space and 1.5 GB free space, I wonder if this has something to do with it,

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Please export an on-demand scanner log with all scanned files logged to a text file and post it here or attach it to a personal message for me.

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Operating a disc which has less then 5% free space left is risky.

Having the OS on such is also.

You probably need to upgrade your disk, delete a few things, and also test the s.m.a.r.t. output including a surface scan of your disk.

Start a backup and its funny if the free space is jumping ?!

There are a few settings you could adjust to free up space as well like.

-lowering your pagefile for pagefil.sys

-deleting temp files

-clearing prefetch

-turn off hibernation to delete hiberfile.sys

-uninstall unused apps

-defrag will show your disk hidden room that it was unaware of after consolidation

- i could go all day :)

Recommend Seatools for yer hd testing and hdtune for your surface scan.

There are plenty of testing apps.

Let me know if this sends you in a forward moving direction, then try scans with nod32 again. :)

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Hello Hentaixen,


you have exported list of scans, but we would need log from particular scan, which should we check exported.

So open one scan log by double clicking on it, right click on any entry in it and select "Export..." and save the log as .txt file.

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Ok I think I got it to work this time, but the text file is 25.2mb, too big to upload on here? Any ideas?



Edit: Just compressed it to a rar, it went down to 1.5mb but now it says I'm not allowed to upload this type of file?

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Rename your rar file by adding .txt to the end, for example you have your compressed log file log.rar, rename it to log.rar.txt and then you should be able to upload it. HTH...

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I tried, it still give me the message that I am not allowed to upload that type of file :(


You didnt rename it then.


Go to Control panel > Folder Options > then View tab > Uncheck hide extensions of known file types....

rename it again.

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I have some solution for your future issue.

Note: Make sure you are running as Administrator or it will not work
1. Go to run (in the start menu)
2. Type: regedit
3. Look for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\

4. Right click on ScanWithAntivirus and rename or delete it
5. Restart chrome

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