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  1. Thank's for your kind reply. I am new in this forum and I am unknown about the rules of forum. I will be following the track.....
  2. As I am knowing, Forum is the safe place where we can discuss on several topics. Today I am here for the discussion on Different kind of Anti-Virus Software for the different kind of virus . Regular days there are new updation on virus software. Many of the various are from Popup Dialog Box. If someone receive a message in a popup dialog box that resembles this warning just , press ALT + F4 from the keyboard to close the dialog box. Do need to click anything inside the dialog box. Otherwise it may cause data lost and file corruption.
  3. I have some solution for your future issue. Note: Make sure you are running as Administrator or it will not work 1. Go to run (in the start menu) 2. Type: regedit 3. Look for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ Microsoft\­Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Attachme­nt 4. Right click on ScanWithAntivirus and rename or delete it 5. Restart chrome
  4. Arakasi Thank you for replying to my topic. I was spectating someone to rply my topic so that I can have conversation with them.
  5. I am new in this forum. I have joined this Forum so that I could share my thoughts regarding virus removal or fixing threat. I found this forum quite interesting and hence I joined this forum. The site users are sharing good information; even I would like to share a bit from my knowledge. I am basically from New York, but I need to travel at several places for my business purpose and I also suffer from lots of virus problems in my Laptop. So I can possibly suggest some rescues to other users who suffer from same issues.
  6. Above solution are sufficient for your problem. If then also you are having problem consult to TechSupport advisor.
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