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  1. Hello, I originally posted this in the version 8 beta thread here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/2984-eset-smart-security-and-eset-nod32-antivirus-8-beta-available/page-8#entry18293 Since posting it there, I realized this also applied to version 7 and was not only apliccable to the version 8 beta. I should have originally posted this here which is probably the more correct thread for it. For that reason, I am also posting it here so it may get the proper attention.
  2. Hello, It would be great if you were able to not just activate a new license from the GUI as you can mow but also be able to add a new activation code to your existing license from within the GUI in order to extend your subscription. Several vendor have this feature or a feature where you can manage your licenses on the web. Just one example would be Bitdefender where as you add another license it adds it to your current subscription. For myself at least, If I am activating another license from within the GUI, it would be to extend my subscription, not start a new one. Over a the years , I have seen many have to contact support because they had renewed early and lost time on their subscription. The logical way (for me at least) would be it checked and if you had an active license it added to it and then if not, of course it would just start a new subscription. Also, maybe just on the web, where you check the social media scanner and anti-theft, you could have the ability to manage your licenses and combine it you wish. Other vendors do ir quite successfully and this would be a good improvement and convenience for your customers. It also should help with support issues when someone renews too early and loses time on their subscription. Thanks for considering this idea...
  3. Hello, My suggestion is about the "Events" section under "Tools > Log files". Always any VSD update is logged. Currently only module updates are logged if they occurred at a time when only a module update happens with no VSD update. I would like to always see in the event logs an item every time a module is updated. This would alert the user and negate having to always bring up the "About" screen to check all of the dates of each individual module to see if an update has occurred. I believe this would both be very beneficial to the user and simplify things for him/her. An option under "Advanced setup" whether to display this or not would be good or you could have this displayed by default. I think an option under "Advanced setup" would be the best answer. Thanks for considering this.
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