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  1. It's finally appeared after several attempts. Hopefully everything will work correctly now.
  2. Still no sign of the phantom account appearing on my Windows 10 laptop. I thought that problem had been fixed with the latest release.
  3. I've sent you the information you requested in a PM. Regards BrianE
  4. It's working now. Are you able to tell me what was the problem and did it have anything to do with using "#" in my password (strange if it did, because the other devices didn't have any such problems)?
  5. Lately I have been finding that when I try to log in to My ESET from a saved bookmark, nothing happens after I insert my log-in details and yet it works from the link in a Google search. I have tried updating the bookmark and also using both Chrome and Firefox, but the same thing happens. Another curious aspect of this is, if I close the blank page after trying to log in from my saved bookmark and then go back to Google and click on the My ESET link, I don't have to re-enter my log-in details.
  6. I have set up a phantom account on my two Windows 10 laptops using the My ESET web portal, but they don't appear on the log on screen when I switch the computers on. Can anyone explain what might be going on please?
  7. I have three Android devices, two being Galaxy A3 mobiles and the one I've just purchased, which is an Huawei MediaPad. Both the Android devices have been able to connect to the anti-theft web portal, even though my password had contained a "#" symbol. However, despite removing the # as per advice given in other threads, I keep getting an error "Problem with association (20512000). Also, will the fact that I have changed my password affect the other devices that I have set up with the original password?
  8. I had a similar problem when re-installing on my Android mobile last week. It did accept the licence key though.
  9. Any update on this Marcos? Only 1 day left on my trial.
  10. I've just tried to enter the licence on the mobile phone itself, rather than via the web portal, but it also rejected, saying something like "this licence cannot be used to activate this product." The product I have is clearly advertised as being for multiple devices and including parental control, so what is going on here?
  11. I have a licence for the Family Security Pack (10 devices), so I was surprised to see on the My Eset web portal today that the licence for parental control on my daughter's Android mobile is a trial that is ending in 3 days. I tried to add my licence code, but it was rejected. I have no idea what is going on here as I thought the parental controls was automatically licenced when it was connected to the My Eset web portal. Also, the child locator is not currently returning any information, although the website monitoring is working normally. Somewhat disappointed by all this as I thought everything was working fine. Any suggestions?
  12. I think I'll have to disable this module as it seems to be blocking too many sites and it's becoming a pain to have to keep going to my daughter's computer and adding exceptions. I think I'll just rely on the router parental controls while she is at home and maybe reinstall Kaspersky Safe Kids if she takes her laptop round to a friend's house.
  13. I've just tried it again with a different task and it's still not worked with my computer off at the time the task was due to run.
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