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Block attachments from outside but not from inside

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Hello ESET forum,


in my company we're currently using ESET Mail Security 4.5.10023.0 with Microsoft Exchange 2013 on a Windows Server 2012 Standard.

During the last few weeks we've been bombarded with spam mails including DOC or DOCX attachments, therefore we've blocked all mails which have such attachments via the rule "dangerous office suite file attachments".


My question now is... is it possible to get it work with version 4.5 of Mail Security that my colleagues can still send mails with a DOCX attachment to customers and that it'll be still blocked to get mails with such an attachment from outside of our company?

If so, how can i realise it?


i know that version 6 of Mail Security is already released but sadly we didn't have had enough time to test this version on a test machine and we don't want to just install it on our live Exchange server.



Thank you very much for your help!



Kind regards!

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Hi Moxa,


I don`t know what version of Exchange you are running, but try it from Exchange. set up an Transport rule with conditions "From users outside the organization" and "When any attachment file name matches text patterns (filter on .doc and .docx) and create an action.

this should do the job.


Good luck,



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