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How do I remove Eset from my computer?

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I don't know the password for the product, as it was installed professionally and they didn't give me a password.


The license has expired, and I have moved to a different protection company that is cheaper and is more customer friendly. So please, tell me how to remove your product from my computer so your stupid notifications will stop popping up every frickin' day.

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there are 2 ways how to accomplish that:

1, follow the instructions at hxxp://support.eset.com/kb333/ask Customer care for an unlock code.

2, use the Uninstall tool as per the instructions at hxxp://support.eset.com/kb2289/


We will appreciate if you could tell us more about the lack of customer friendliness that your were not satisfied with. ESET products are easy to use and are unobtrusive. You simply install ESET and it will protect you silently in the background.  Its very small footprint makes it unnoticeable in the system while excellent protection against constantly evolving threats is ensured by LiveGrid and other modern protection mechanisms. For instance, at https://threatcenter.crdf.fr/?Stats you can see how ESET performs with fresh zero-day samples the organization uses for daily tests.

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