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Mobile Device Enrollment (Android) with MDM/ERAS6

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How to deploy ESET Endpoint Security (for Android) to a various, not specific number of clients?


On ERAS 5 we used the following way: User gets the apk, installed and click the configuration link. DONE. Client is listened in ERAS, gets updates and can be managed.


How to do this on ERAS 6?


THX a lot,


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  • ESET Staff

In ESET Remote Administrator 6 you need to follow the instructions:

- Install ESET Mobile Device Connector and have it accessible from the external / mobile network

- Add mobile devices (Add new - mobile device in "Computers" tab), which will open the "mobile device enrollment task" and you will need to specify names (under which the devices will be presented in ERA) and device identification number (IMEI / WIFI MAC for WIFI only devices).

- If you have SMTP connection configured for your ERA server, you will be able to specify also e-mail addresses to which ERA will send the enrollment link, if you do not have that, you can display the enrollment link and send it other way (sms message for example).

- This task will "whitelist" mobile devices on Mobile Device Connector (please make sure, that the you have your connection interval for MDC configured for the shortest time period possible), and after that, your users would be able to click the enrollment link and enroll their devices to ERA. If the application (ESET Endpoint Security for Android) is not installed, first click on the link will initiate Google Play download, if it is installed, it will start the enrollment process.

- We recommend to create an activation task with corresponding license, placed on group "mobile devices/android" so devices which are connected to ERA, are automatically activated with the license of your choice


Please note, that this process is valid for ESET Remote Administrator 6.3 (which will be released later today), as we have streamlined the process, and reduced the number of necessary steps. Later today, also the documentation for ERA 6.3 will be published (check help.eset.com for updates), where a specific section for "Mobile Device Management" was added.


Hope that this helps,


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