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ERA notification of detected threat

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I am attempting to configure notifications when clients detect a threat regardless of the action taken (no action, deleted, quarantined, etc.) and I am having some difficulty.

The first trouble I am having is just getting a new notification rule configured. I think I created one correctly but am not sure.

The second issue is that I am repeatedly hammering my local machine with the EICAR test file and my local ESET client is quarantining the file but the threat never appears in ERA. Other threats from other machines (real threats, not test threats) appear in ERA.


Would somebody mind doing some "hand holding" and walking me through this?


Funny how I search and search and not find an answer. Post to the forum and next search yields something. For my first question I found this: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3629/?locale=en_US

Still having an issue with the client not reporting threat status to ERA.

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