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can't activate ESS after update to ESS 9 and Firewall didn't start

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First of all, sorry for my bad English, my PC is running Win 10 Pro 64Bit with Hyper-V enabled. Yesterday my ESS 8 updates to ESS 9 and ESS told my to renew my Activation. I got a 4 PC-License with expiration date 04/2018. I requestet a license key with my Username and Password and gets my key, but ESS told my there's a problem with my activation. Next Problem, the Firewall didn't starts. I uninstall ESS and deleted all Files of the Program on my PC and in my Registry and installed it new, but still got the same problems. 

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Unfortunately, you didn't mention what error code you got upon the attempt to activate ESS. As for the problem with firewall, please run the following commands from a command prompt run with elevated admin rights and post the results here:

sc query epfw

sc query epfwlwf

sc query epfwwfp

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