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Disable learning mode notification in ERA5 & 6

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  • ESET Moderators

Hello, as this setting is not specifically available in the Endpoint products, it is not present in ERA either.

However, you can define general settings for desktop notifications in User Interface > Alerts and Notifications > Desktop Notifications.

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  • ESET Staff

How about to stop all notifications to the user? Let only the icon on sight.


Just make a new configuration and send it by task.


Be careful

  •  test in a nearby pc first
  • if have groups with different configs upgrade each group separately
  • when ready deploy configs in small groups 5, 10, 20.
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  • ESET Staff

My way is to use an specific configuration for all clients (explained at bottom),

perhaps you want to try this KB about "policy" settings...


   How do I disable all alerts and notifications on client workstations in ESET Remote Administrator? (5.x)



Sorry to dig but, why all workstations have the firewall on "learning mode"?


From my experience the ESET Firewall works perfect without touch.

The only time to use "learning mode" is when you have an X software use by the company which is

very specific, like invoice, etc. to get out or communicate with internal server.

Otherwise is no need to modify.



=> In ERA v5 you can create a new configuration file using the "ESET Configuration Editor" (hxxp://support.eset.com/kb2363/)

     and set all notifications to zero.

     Be sure to keep the report to ERA and the update settings correctly or you loose the control over the terminals.


     After you have the new configuration, using the task > "new configuration" you can distribute to XX terminals.


     Again, I suggest to test first with a PC nearby to make sure this is what you want.


     In the case you have different groups with different configurations, you will have to do a new configuration file

     by each group.




           Group 1 - Archives Dpt. - All social network, games, search blocked and USB ports disable.

           Group 2 - Marketing Dpt. - USB ports disable. Movies and TV blocked.

           Group 3 - Art dpt. - USB ports disable.


    For each group as you see I have different configuration file.



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  • ESET Staff

To be honest I have very few knowledge in ERAv6, However as based on what I saw

on the Internet, I believe ERAv6 will have a better way to do it.


Maybe this can help you if you :


ESET v6 has the following in the Advanced Configuration > User Interface > startup mode: "Complete", "mininum", "manual", "silence".

 If I choose "Silence", the tip says: "No notification or alert will show. Only Admin  can start the user interface".

Also "show alert on desktop" I suggest will be off and "Show Alerts".


To be clear: when say "Admin" is the user mark as "Administrator", and also (if you don't know already) remember ESET work

under following the case scenario:


   Terminals has 2 users, 1 is Administrator, 2 is user. Thats means "unless you are part of the IT dpt. you are User (less rights in the system)".


Is a Security thing you know. :)

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  • Administrators

As an administrator, you should have network communication under control so using learning mode to create allowing rules for everything that will run on the target computer within the learning period (including possible malware) is probably not what you'd like to achieve. If you want to use strict rules to control the communication, you should use policy-based mode and define all rules manually.

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  • ESET Staff

+2 on Marcos answer.


"Learning mode" is to be use when 1 (one software) critical for your enterprise is not communicating with X target PC (server perhaps),

for very short windows time and with NO other software running.


If you have other software running with your "learning mode" ESET will create a rule for that one too.

Examples: Skype, cloud software (dropbox, drive, onedrive, etc), any game in the background, etc-


I'm concern about your case, you are facing a Security hole/risk in that way. :(

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