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Found 23 results

  1. For the third time in a month, I have received a notification from the "App Permissions Monitor" on my Samsung Note 8 Android phone with ESET Mobile Security Installed that ESET Mobile Security has used the phone's camera. I was not doing anything "active" with Mobile Security at those times nor was I using the ESET theft-prevention page to test or activate tracking. Any ideas?
  2. Hi, we are currently using server version and I wondered if it was possible to get the server to notify me via email if a device is blocked via device control. I am pretty new to ESET and am not really sure where I should be looking, thanks Lee
  3. Dear team. Is there in way to find Only Eset Client duplicate entry. How make report or group that show only Eset Client duplicate entry. Plz see attach file for more information. If have any idea plz share with us. Thanks and regards, Harshad mistry
  4. Hello! Our company uses ERAS Version my question is that is there a way to remove the threats count number? Or will they dissapear after a period of time? I can resolve them by hand one by one, but this is not very effecitve. And realy i dont understand what will happen if i resolve a threat? Nothing? I cant force the client to do an action like clean or delete. So what can i do here? Review that there is problem, but, what can i do to resolve the problem? Sorry for my bad english.
  5. We are using ERA and have ERA Agent and ESET Endpoint AV 6.4.2014.0 installed on Windows clients. In the policy settings for the Agent we disabled the "Report if operating system is not up-to-date" option: Also, in the policy settings for ESET Endpoint AV we disabled the following setting: USER INTERFACE > USER INTERFACE ELEMENTS > Application statuses > Operating system is not up to date The policies are successfully applied on the clients but in spite of that the ERA Console displays the security notification (yellow exclamation mark): while the deta
  6. I have a few machines showing up with a warning that they are in presentation mode. In fact they are not and never have been, EES on the machines shows Presentation Mode as paused. However they do use full-screen displays (they are cctv remote access repeaters). Is EES automatically entering presentation mode in response to this? Any remedy? (We DO want antivirus messages to pop up.)
  7. How can I remove License oversuse alert from ERA License Management section? I don´t want to see this yellow alert every time I use ERA Console.
  8. Dear all, My license is expired, but on some computers it showing "License expired" and on other it shoes "Your License will expire soon". The same situation on ERA Server as well. For more information, please check the attachments.
  9. Hello, our cutomer want to set notification in ERA 6. So when instalation on workstation finish and connected to ERA then it reported to email. just like verion 5 does. how to set this notification. thank you,
  10. We are trying to set up email notifications on ERA 6, however I do not see the option to change the "From" or "Sender" email address. I am looking on the webGUI under Admin->Server Settings->Advanced Settings->SMTP Server, but there does not appear to be an option to change this setting. This is a necessary setting for our environment since we are using SMTP relay to Office 365 Exchange Online for notifications and 365 requires we specify the sender as a known address in our enterprise in order for it to be accepted through the relay. Most other applications sending notificati
  11. What options are available other than just "Generated Message"? Can we customize the message at all with a variable such as "The following computer, %COMPUTER_NAME%, has reported that the following malware, %MALWARE_NAME%, was detected". As it stands now, "GENERATED_MESSAGE" shows this in emails which is unhelpful: Event log notification with following settings has occurred. Log Type: Antivirus threat Source machine;Severity;Time of occurrence;Threat type;Threat name;Threat flags;Scanner;Scan log reference;Object type;Object URI;Action performed;Action error;Threat handled;R
  12. Hi How to disable learning mode notifications from era server 5.x & 6.x. Regards Vimarsh Panchal
  13. Hello, I an looking for a way in the ERA version 6 to disable certain ntotifications. Right now I would wish to disable notifications regarding added registry items for programs that I install. How can I do this? If you need more information please let me know. Best regards, Rene Klomp
  14. Maybe I'm being stupid and missing something obvious, but is there any way to suppress old errors? A machine is reporting "recent update attempt failed", which was true. But the problem was fixed hours ago. The machine is updating fine and has the latest sigs. There is no error showing on the machine iteself, but the error is still showing on the dashboard and in other places in ERA. The machine is connecitng regularly, per the "last connected" field. I presumed it would clear the next time the machine connected, but apparently not and I can't find any way to remove it manually.
  15. Is there a way to adjust the status warning that show in the Remote Administrator Console? I have some devices with error statuses and when I click on details it is telling me that Windows Firewall is not enabled. I have some servers with errors Detection of Potentially unwanted applications is not configured. I checked the policies to verify that these messages are not displayed under the User Interface - Application statuses, but they still who in the consoles. Any info is appreciated.
  16. "ESET File Security: Error" 4/1/2015 12:52:29 PM - During execution of Update on the computer "computer name", the following warning occurred: I'm getting this error for all of my servers pulling updates. removed the cashe' and even renamed the mirror folder. The server is also rebooting every 6 hours now. No logs I can find.
  17. Because I saw that ERA already is able to work with Pulseway, an app for remote managing and notifications, I got another idea. The ESET robot looking at the IFTTT website, created by @rugk What is IFTTT? If this then than (short IFTTT) is an online service where you can "put the internet work for you". You can connect many online services, apps or other things so that they do actions for you. These online devices are called "Channels". In so called Recipes, you can connect this Channels together. It uses the simple conditional sentences "If this then that", that means if an act
  18. Is it possible to generate notifications only on Events which occurred on Special scanner modules (like imap, Pop or mail). Alternative, is it possible to set the object (E-Mail) in the notification filter? THX a lot, Meg
  19. Hello, I am not able to set up ssl in my settings. There is no way to oben the normal dropdown field. Can someone help me to fix this Problem. Thank you Benni
  20. Hi everyone, I am having an issue with email notifications on my ESET Remote Administrator Console (ver. 5.0.122). When I try and test a rule, instead of getting a list of clients and a server name, I receive %variable% not populated with values. Here's an example email: subject: %PRIMARY_SERVER_NAME%: %RULE_NAME% Body: Primary clients with protection status warning. Server: %PRIMARY_SERVER_NAME% Client list: %CLIENT_LIST% I have two ESET servers in my company and one of them is working OK, the other one is giving these issues. Both are at the same version. I tried to restart the ESET servic
  21. I have problems with the ERAC Server, i need your help. I explain me, In my company we need replicate in ERAC Server log (era.log or era_config_log) events, alarms, warning from the clients but only get the virus signature. What would have to do? Thx so much
  22. Is it possible to send the "protection status tekst" with a notification? hxxp://i42.tinypic.com/33uzvrp.jpg
  23. Hello, I am looking for a way to test if my emails are being sent for alerts and notification. Like maybe a test run, fake virus, or something to make sure I have everything set up right. I have 10 client computers and I do not want to set up my cfg file , push it out and hope it works. Thanks, Ryan
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