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Can't resize column widths in log window

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Hi people. Brand new user, on first week of 30-day trial after uninstalling my old resource-hog AV. So far so good, except for 2 issues:


1. In none of the log file windows can I resize the column widths, and since the content of most columns is only partially displayed this is disappointing. Dragging the seam between column headings has no effect -- it moves when I drag it but snaps back on release, before revealing any of the hidden content. Screenshot attached. This can't possibly be by design, eh? What am I doing wrong?


2. The entire interface appears in a 7-point font. Why? I'm not some blind old codger, but these are the smallest default characters I've ever seen in any software. There appears to be ample room in the dialogs, so I don't see why text isn't made more visible. Especially when dealing with the threat of malware, I'd prefer not to have to squint to read messages. My screen resolution is normal and my eyesight's just fine. Any relief? I don't know that I'll be able to commit to a year of ESET if there's no way around this.


Running Win7 64bit with tons of RAM & no aardvarks. Thanks in advance for any clues.




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Looks ugly :wacko: , have you checked windows to see if any of your fonts are corrupt ????? as im running the same setup as yourself and have no issues whatsoever and the font displayed on my log viewer looks different and i have not changed anything (all defaults when installing ESS). Have attached a pic for you to look at


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Hi cyberhash. I don't believe I have any corrupted fonts, and no other installed programs are showing this sort of behavior. I do notice your font size seems to be the same as mine (when the screenshots are scaled equally), and again I scratch my head to wonder why ESET has chosen this tiny size.


But that would probably be OK if I could at least change the column widths -- I can't imagine that's sourced in a font issue. Can you drag the column boundaries? Granted, it doesn't look like you'd ever *need* to, but I'm curious to know if you can. As I say, I can drag them OK, but releasing the mouse pops them right back to where they were (and no extra content is visibie during the drag).


Does anyone from ESET read these posts, or should I be asking elsewhere? Sadly, I probably won't opt to purchase when the trial expires, if I can't get this addressed.

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