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  1. Hi cyberhash. I don't believe I have any corrupted fonts, and no other installed programs are showing this sort of behavior. I do notice your font size seems to be the same as mine (when the screenshots are scaled equally), and again I scratch my head to wonder why ESET has chosen this tiny size. But that would probably be OK if I could at least change the column widths -- I can't imagine that's sourced in a font issue. Can you drag the column boundaries? Granted, it doesn't look like you'd ever *need* to, but I'm curious to know if you can. As I say, I can drag them OK, but releasing the
  2. Hi people. Brand new user, on first week of 30-day trial after uninstalling my old resource-hog AV. So far so good, except for 2 issues: 1. In none of the log file windows can I resize the column widths, and since the content of most columns is only partially displayed this is disappointing. Dragging the seam between column headings has no effect -- it moves when I drag it but snaps back on release, before revealing any of the hidden content. Screenshot attached. This can't possibly be by design, eh? What am I doing wrong? 2. The entire interface appears in a 7-point font. Why? I'm not
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