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ERA 4.3.12017 - unable to download new virus signature DB

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Update window in ESET File Security (5.0.2225) states that "Update is not necessary - the virus signature database is current", that is not correct. Nothing is happening when I am pressing Update virus signature database.

ERA server (Windows 2008) is configured with update mirror with file security. License is up to date. Update mirror is created there are files in mirror folder. Mirror service (ESET HTP Server) is running. Server options -> Updates are set to: Update server: Choose automatically -> Every 60 minutes.

I am quite new to ESET so this description may be chaotic. Basically is there a way to force updating virus signature DB on ESET File security, I think ERA is configured correctly. Strange thing is that on Update status say "Finished, ver 11877 (20150702) .." so current date and probably newest virus signature, but this is not reflected in ESET File security that say "Version of virus signature database 6XXX 2013XXX) so very old virus signature DB.

Any ideas?

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Probably you meant ESET Endpoint Security and not ESET File Security which doesn't have any version 5.x. I'd suggest contacting customer care as the following will need to be analyzed:

- the content of the mirror folder

- the content of the updfiles folder on a problematic client

- *. dat files from the ESET install folder on a problematic client

- an updater etw log may be needed too.


In the name of this topic you wrote "ERA 4.3.12017", however, if you use ERA to manage Endpoint v5 clients, you must have ERA v5 installed.

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