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Happy from ESET Smart Security

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The past days I have used ESET Smart Security and I am so happy from it but I cannot afford the one year protection and I have to uninstall it. I will torrent it for now and I will look foward to paying for it to protect my system. For the place I live at it's really expensive to have the 1 year protection and I'm really sad because I would have to use the torrented version. However I will be looking foward to using ESET products. I really like how lightweight they are and they catch all viruses. Bye Bye thanks for showing me how awesome  your products are!!! :D

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It's great to hear that you like ESS. However to use unofficial versions of ESS is very risky. You don't know what they modified.

They can e.g. contain indeed malware or use inofficial (maybe modified) virus signature updates.


I'm quite sure that you can catch a special offer or something like this if you keep your eyes open. You can also post your country here and describe why you can't afford to buy ESS.

Maybe a local reseller or distributor will notice it and show you some special deals - we already had this in the past.

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